Out There

Jan. 19, 2004
Jan. 19, 2004

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Jan. 19, 2004

Out There

By Julia Morrill

In 1995 one of history's greatest explorers, Reinhold Messner,
set out to cross the Arctic Ocean by sled. He went 11 miles
before turning back. Next month Ben Saunders (left), a
26-year-old adventurer from Devon, England, will attempt to ski,
walk and swim, alone and unsupported, 1,240 miles over the North
Pole from Russia to Canada--the same route Messner chose. Says
Saunders, a veteran of two polar expeditions who plans to haul
his gear in a 250-pound sledge, "I'd like to think that I'm at
the edge of what's possible." --Julia Morrill

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