Thorns in His Side

As a lifelong Reds fan, I have always been a fan of Pete Rose
(Pete Rose's Confession, Jan. 12). However, I found one of the
statements in his book excerpt to be particularly telling. Rose
writes, "[Paul] Janszen turned stool pigeon--the worst kind of
scum," for cooperating with "the Feds." I think most of us would
consider cooperating with law enforcement to be our civic duty.
Only a thug would condemn someone for being truthful with the
Kyle E. Hanrahan
New Orleans

When my wife brought in the mail, I wondered aloud why SI would
put Rose on the cover. She pointed out that it's your way of
jinxing his entry into the Hall of Fame.
David C. Higgins

Rose's accomplishments should be acknowledged in Cooperstown. I'd
just forget to send him an invitation to the induction ceremony.
Paul Feiden, Morris, Ill.

It is time that we all realize that this story is about our
inability to admit that our heroes are human. Pete Rose is a
human being. He has faults, like all of us, and as such deserves
another chance to be part of a game that he loves and in many
ways helped to define. Do I think that Pete learned his lesson
and can be counted on to not bet on baseball again? Yes, I do.
Baseball needs to forgive and forget and wholly embrace him, not
only because of his many records but also because of his many
Lily J. Field, Chicago

What part of "permanently ineligible" does Pete Rose not
Rob Simons, San Antonio

Rose's excuses for betting on baseball sound like one of my high
school students' justifications for cheating. Rose admitted to a
lack of integrity, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't face the
penalty. Here's a chance to show that integrity matters, that
there are consequences for breaking the rules.
Jamie Allen, Dearborn, Mich.

Who's No. 1?

Thanks for making LSU the Rodney Dangerfield of college football
(Splitsville, Jan. 12). Based on your coverage, people would
think LSU played a team from the Pee Wee Football League instead
of the (one-loss Oklahoma) Sooners. Here's a score even AP
sportswriters can understand: LSU 13 (games won), USC 12.
Jeri Rosier
Alexandria, La.

Al Gore got a majority of votes for president, but is not a
copresident, nor is USC a co-national champion because it got the
votes of a bunch of sportswriters. Rules made before the season
started should be honored. By devoting a cover to USC on the West
Coast rather than LSU, SI may have been economically smart but
editorially disingenuous. There's one crystal football, and it
resides in Baton Rouge.
Billy Coenen, Rayville, La.

Let's see. Austin Murphy writes about the Rose Bowl and praises
USC, and Tim Layden writes about the Sugar Bowl and praises USC.
Now that's what I call evenhanded reporting.
Richard J. McGinity, Metairie, La.

As a USC alum and die-hard Trojans football fan, I am ecstatic at
this year's title. If there is something to complain about, it is
the BCS and not the LSU Tigers. I am proud to share our ninth
national championship with a great team like Louisiana State.
Scott Durrett, Redondo Beach, Calif.

Missing Persons

Are you kidding? How could you forget Erik Coleman from
Washington State at safety (SI's All-Bowl Team, Jan. 12)? Coleman
blocked a punt, broke up three passes, had eight tackles (seven
solo), one sack and forced the game-winning fumble returned for a
touchdown by Jason David. I'm sure Dave Revill from Utah and T.J.
Stancil of Boston College had fine performances, but they did not
have great games against the No. 5 team in the nation.
Kailan C. Elder, Yakima, Wash.

For the second consecutive bowl season you have snubbed Oklahoma
State star wide receiver Rashaun Woods. Anyone who saw his
performance in the Cotton Bowl--11 catches, 223 yards, one
touchdown--watched him almost rally the Cowboys to victory
against Ole Miss. Perhaps when he becomes an All-Pro receiver,
you will acknowledge him.
Jim Perry, Claremore, Okla.

Joan Joyce should be on top of your list of Connecticut athletes
(Sports in America, Jan. 12). She was the greatest softball
pitcher ever, a three-time AAU All-America in basketball, a state
bowling champion, a professional volleyball player and coach, a
longtime LPGA member and one of only two Americans inducted into
the International Women's Sports Hall of Fame.
Jeff Kingsbury, Kensington, Conn.

Scott Burrell of Hamden was an all-state selection in baseball,
football and basketball, and was a key part of one of the
greatest NCAA tournament games ever (UConn's buzzer-beating,
third-round win over Clemson in 1990). He is also the only person
ever drafted in the first round in baseball and basketball, and
he won an NBA championship in 1998, with the Chicago Bulls.
Scott A. Steiner, New York City


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