Copies of his book My Prison Without Bars signed by Pete Rose in
seven hours at suburban Cincinnati bookstores last week--one
every 7.5 seconds.

Consecutive games in which Robin Bouchard of the United Hockey
League's Muskegon Fury scored a goal, the longest streak in
professional hockey history.

Minutes by which German soccer officials have asked FIFA to
expand halftime of games because, said one official, "Fifteen
minutes for fans to buy a bratwurst or beer from vendors isn't
always enough."

Amount five more minutes of halftime would generate annually for
each German soccer team, according to a study commissioned by one

Straight games played by Knicks forward Shandon Anderson--the
NBA's longest active streak--until he was benched last Friday.

Straight games played by Mavericks forward Antawn Jamison, now
the NBA's longest streak.

Age of Rangers center Mark Messier, who was named to the
Eastern Conference All-Star team--making him the third-oldest NHL
All-Star ever, behind Gordie Howe (51) and Doug Harvey (44).