Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady ran the ultimate quarterback sneak when
he snagged model-actress Bridget Moynahan (The Recruit, The Sum
of All Fears), who had been dating screenwriter Scott Rosenberg
(Beautiful Girls, High Fidelity) for three years. The 5'9"
Glamour and Vogue cover girl took up with the Patriots QB after
being introduced to him by their mutual endorsement agent.
Moynahan, 31, was unlucky in love playing Big's wife, Natasha, on
Sex in the City. But Brady insisted she be his charm for the big
game and flew her to Houston to cheer for him. Meanwhile, upon
hearing the news of his ex's new relationship, Rosenberg said,
according to the New York Post, "You'd think 20 years after high
school you'd be safe from losing your girl to the quarterback."

--Talk about a wedding ring, professional boxers Nikolai Kibkalo
and Natalya Karpovich tied the knot in a squared circle in St.
Petersburg, Russia, last week. After exchanging vows in
traditional wedding attire, the bride and groom put on the gloves
and sparred a few rounds. "[It was] the most unique wedding I
have ever seen," said boxer Maxim Nesterenko, who was a guest.
"I'm sure they will be a very good family because they not only
love each other, but also have common interests."

--To the list of memorable sporting events that have taken place
in the L.A. Coliseum (the 1932 and '84 Summer Olympics, the first
Super Bowl), add Lingerie Bowl I. The game, which featured two
teams of models clad in skimpy, frilly shorts, brassieres,
helmets and shoulder pads playing 7-on-7 tackle football,
coincided with halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII. The Lingerie Bowl
actually featured some real football, including a clothesline
tackle on the first play that would have made Chuck Bednarik
proud. "I thought it was an interesting concept when I first
heard about it," said Eric Dickerson, who coached Team Dream to a
6-0 win. (Lawrence Taylor coached Team Euphoria, which was
quarterbacked by former SI swimsuit model Angie Everhart.) "When
I came out and saw the girls and we had our first practice, I
became very interested."

--He didn't win the Super Bowl, but Panthers quarterback Jake
Delhomme might have a future with the ponies after his football
career. He was raised on a thoroughbred and quarter horse farm in
Louisiana and now owns several racehorses--including a filly
called She Hate Me, who was named after Carolina receiver Rod (He
Hate Me) Smart. The QB brings more to the business than horse
sense. "Jake is a helluva groom," said his father, Jerry. "Those
long arms of his help him to really get in there and shovel
things out." ... Roger Clemens just can't shake those angry New
York fans. At the Super Celebrity Fashion Extravaganza, a
$1,000-a-plate charity dinner and fashion show at Houston's
Downtown Aquarium last week, Clemens chatted with Yankees lover
P. Diddy. "I'm not happy, man, but we'll work it, we'll work it
out," P. Diddy told the new Astros ace.... Paul Newman will lend
his voice to the forthcoming animated Pixar movie Cars, which
will also feature NASCAR legend Richard Petty and actors Bonnie
Hunt and Owen Wilson.

COLOR PHOTO: ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/GETTY IMAGES (PICTURE THIS) PICTURE THIS Baseball isn't the only sport in which it helps to keep your eye on the ball. Chinese table tennis player Wang Hao stared down countryman Ma Lin and won the Greek Open at Galatsi Olympic Indoor Hall, the venue that will host the table tennis competition during the Athens Games this summer. COLOR PHOTO: CORBIS (BERRA) COLOR PHOTO: JASON NEVADER/WIREIMAGE.COM (MOYNAHAN) Brady's Bridget


A California judge postponed the 90-day jail sentence of
synchronized swimmer Tammy Crow--who pleaded guilty to vehicular
manslaughter--so she can swim in the Olympics.


Hall of Fame catcher, speaking to ex-teammate Whitey Ford about a
list of deceased Yankees greats that appeared on the scoreboard
at an Old Timers' Day: "Boy, I hope I never see my name up

Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)