The Eagle Has Landed

Your tongue-in-cheek What A Rush! (Jan. 19) cover line diminishes
Donovan McNabb's great performance by throwing Rush Limbaugh into
the mix. Let sleeping dogs lie.
Jerry Brown Sellersburg, Ind.

Donovan McNabb has a very mediocre game against the Packers,
throws one good pass and you put him on the cover and talk about
his heroics.
Robert Rohn
Tecumseh, Mich.

In reading Michael Silver's praise of Donovan McNabb, I could not
help but wonder if I had watched the same game Silver did. The
Eagles won because of some luck and a few poor decisions by the
Barry Grube
Whitehall, Pa.

When I saw the Jan. 19 cover, I laughed out loud at the pun.
Anyone who watched McNabb perform his magic while at Syracuse
could have advised Mr. Limbaugh that overrated is one thing that
Donovan is not.
Ed Heide, Pittsburgh

Playing Through

Thank you for the wonderful article on Gonzaga's Adam Morrison,
who has type 1 diabetes (Counter Puncher, Jan. 19). He will
certainly serve as an inspiration to my 12-year-old son, Michael,
a type 1 diabetic for the past six years, who just finished his
first season playing guard for the Branciforte Middle School
Melinda Vahradian, Santa Cruz, Calif.

Your sidebar on athletes who have excelled with diabetes failed
to mention the first known diabetic to play at the highest
international level--Bill Talbert. He was ranked in the top 10 in
tennis in the U.S. for 13 of 14 years during the 1940s and '50s,
was a Davis Cup captain and was director of the U.S. Open for
more than 20 years. He was also the original contributing editor
for tennis for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.
Peter Talbert, New York City

Good Skates

Your five surprises of the first half (NHL Midseason Report, Jan.
19) had one glaring omission: the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks,
made up mostly of young talent, have built a comfortable lead in
the Pacific Division and are in contention for one of the top
seeds in the West.
Ryan Terribilini
Menlo Park, Calif.

Bronze for Bert

Thanks to Steve Rushin for pushing the Hall of Fame candidacy of
Bert Blyleven (Air and Space, Jan. 19), who, in addition to his
outstanding career, was also someone who made the game fun for
fans and his teammates, a quality lost on too many current stars.
Andrew M. Wong, New York City

Bert Blyleven isn't in the Hall? How is a man who won 287 games,
struck out 3,701 batters (more than Cy Young and Walter Johnson)
and ranks ninth in career shutouts not be inducted?
Mike Best, Newtown, Pa.


One of the many joys of being a Kings fan over the past few years
has been watching Peja Stojakovic progress (The King of Shooters,
Jan. 19). Comparing him with a Hall of Famer like Larry Bird may
be a bit much right now, but the recognition he's receiving this
year is well deserved.
Laura Fisher, Sacramento

Peja Stojakovic the "best pure marksman since Larry Bird"?
Puh-lease! Reggie Miller is still capable of raining down the
threes and has made a career out of hitting the big shot time
after time. Even at 38 he can still get it done.
Nathan Hellman, Philadelphia

Bird Call

Mark Obmascik's article about birding on Attu Island (A Fowl
Obsession, Jan. 19) was interesting and very funny. Thanks for
bringing us great journalism.
Frank Roberts, Rochester, N.Y.

I'd like to congratulate you on the outstanding article about
bird-watching. I can't wait until next week's issue to read about
squirrels of the Midwest.
Bill Lehky, Strongsville, Ohio

To anyone moved to complain about the birding story: That was
Donovan McNabb on the cover, not a yellow-throated bunting. And
hockey, basketball and baseball were covered as well as ever. SI
has a rich tradition of bringing us stories about all sorts of
Dave Hardin, Newton, N.C.

Kwan Song

I was very disappointed by your coverage of Michelle Kwan's
eighth national figure skating championship (Scorecard, Jan. 19).
Michelle's free skate took my breath away. I have seen her skate
many times, and I was still amazed at the passion, grace and
athleticism she exhibited. Yes, as you say, a heated rivalry
might attract more press coverage, but knowledgeable skating fans
love and respect Kwan for her consistent ability to win and her
Sheila Brockmeier, Parker, Colo.

Man with a Vision

Thanks for the great Leading Off tribute to photographer V.J.
Lovero (Jan. 19), whose work will be missed. I think the headline
from the Peja Stojakovic article might have been better suited
for a Lovero article: The King of Shooters.
Joe Cavaretta, Las Vegas


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