Breast In Show

Feb. 09, 2004
Feb. 09, 2004

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Feb. 9, 2004


Breast In Show

Believe the denials of CBS, MTV and Justin Timberlake if you
want, but how likely can it be that Timberlake's exposure of
Janet Jackson's breast during the Super Bowl halftime show was
unplanned? Jackson's pop-out coincided precisely with the end of
their duet and with Timberlake's singing, "Bet I'll have you
naked by the end of this song." Timberlake made a deliberate
motion, and Jackson's bustier appeared to have a tearaway right
cup. (What, yours doesn't?) An item on on Sunday
afternoon, before halftime, was headlined JANET JACKSON'S SUPER
BOWL SHOW PROMISES SHOCKING MOMENTS. Afterward the site gleefully
said JANET GETS NASTY. And how fortunate that she was wearing a
fancy nipple ring! The most laughable explanation came from
Timberlake, who cited a "wardrobe malfunction." Perhaps he'll
elaborate when he performs on Sunday's Grammys, to be televised
by--oh, what a coincidence--CBS.

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