Panthers season tickets owned by Patriots coach Bill Belichick,
who first bought them in 1995 to support friends in the team's
original front office.

Three-point baskets--an Atlantic 10 record--made by St.
Joseph's in an 83-71 win over Temple.

Two-point baskets made by St. Joseph's against Temple.

Percent of their revenue 10 rooftop bleacher businesses near
Wrigley Field will pay the Cubs for the next 20 years to settle a
lawsuit filed by the team.

Straight losses--two short of the Division I hoops record--for
Loyola (Md.) before a 63-57 win over Marist.

Minutes it took San Diego State's Ben Wardrop to foul out of
the Aztecs' 92-82 loss to Colorado State on Jan. 24.

Straight months in which the Spurs had a winning record,
before the team went 8-9 in January.

Number of games Shaquille O'Neal was suspended for after saying
in a live TV interview that commissioner David Stern should hire
officials who "don't try to take over the [bleeping] game."