Referees are furious at union head Bob Goodenow for comments he
made to The Toronto Sun, saying that players think the game is
officiated too loosely and thus feel the need to police
themselves. One ref says that if players want a more strictly
called game, then that's what they'll get. Look for this in the
playoffs.... Avalanche coach Tony Granato should be ashamed of
his performance in last week's 3-1 loss to the Red Wings. With
less than a minute and a half left Granato put goon Jim Cummins
on the ice to goad Detroit scoring ace Brendan Shanahan into a
fight. Cummins got Shanahan to engage him--the two traded several
blows--and the Wings are lucky Shanahan wasn't injured....One
quiet but superb trading deadline deal was the Sharks'
acquisition of Curtis Brown from the Sabres, a move that shows
that San Jose's rookie general manager, Doug Wilson, understands
how to build a team. Brown, already a favorite of the Sharks'
coaching staff, has moved seamlessly to left wing from center,
his primary position for seven seasons.... There's more to Mario
Lemieux than his scoring greatness. Wanting to commemorate the
Penguins' Steve Latin's 1,900 games as an NHL equipment manager,
Lemieux purchased a platinum Rolex watch and presented it to
Latin before the milestone match.