We always knew Tiger was private, but a private? Woods recently
announced that he plans to train with the Green Berets at Fort
Bragg, N.C., for four days after the Masters. Tiger's father, Earl,
was a Green Beret in Vietnam, and he used his military training to
instill in Tiger the discipline and focus that has turned him into
the No. 1-ranked player in the world. "It's an honor to walk in my
father's footsteps by training with the servicemen and -women at
Fort Bragg," says Woods. But how close is golf to special-forces
training? Former Navy SEAL and military fitness author Stew Smith
(stewsmith.com) puts it this way: Imagine that Tiger had to carry
his clubs, water and food for all four days of a tournament while
wearing combat boots and getting only a few hours of sleep a night
in a tent he pitched himself on the course. On top of that he'd
face some real pressure, because when you take a shot and miss in
the Special Forces, you endanger your life and the lives of others.
The soldiers whom Tiger will meet perform under those trying
conditions every day, wielding an assault rifle instead of a golf
club. To be in top form at Fort Bragg, Woods would be wise to heed
the following advice from Smith.



0530 Reveille
(Yes, that's Waking up Caffeinate
5:30 a.m.)

0630 Powdered eggs and Have agent
Breakfast baconlike jerky bring bagels

0700 Running Wear two pairs of
Five-mile run in combat boots socks to avoid blisters,
and camouflage and cycling shorts to
pants prevent chafing

0740 Push-ups, Pray. It is all
Army PT pull-ups, sit-ups you can do

0900 Parachuting with Carry an
Airborne Golden Knights air-sickness
jump team bag

1200 MRE--Meals Ready Pack a laxative--
Lunch to Eat--a.k.a. Meals though the MREs are
Reluctant to Exit getting tastier

1300 Shooting rifles Similar focus as golf. Relax,
Range and pistols breathe and remember,
(That's 1 p.m.) these shots don't spin
back from where they land

1500-1700 Backpacking Stretch, bend at the
Load-bearing with 100 pounds knees, pad shoulder straps
March of gear and back, and be eternally
grateful that you can
play golf like an Olympian