Q+A Baron Davis

April 19, 2004
April 19, 2004

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April 19, 2004


Q+A Baron Davis

The Hornets All-Star is an executive producer of Asylum, the
first feature film from his production company.

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SI: How much acting goes on during an NBA game?

Davis: There's a lot of guys who could win Oscars for the things
they do and get away with. I'm not going to say any names, but
Reggie Miller could definitely win an Oscar.

SI: Your movie Asylum, a dark romance starring Natasha Richardson
and Ian McKellen that is due out in October, has nothing to do
with sports. Why?

Davis: I had a lot of projects coming to me, but I wanted to do
something that would set me apart from other athletes in the
entertainment business.

SI: You're developing a movie called Blacktop, about Los Angeles
streetballers who enter a million-dollar tournament in the South.
You'd like Justin Timberlake to play the lead, right?

Davis: Yeah. I haven't got a script to him yet, but I mentioned
it to him in the summer. I know he's a basketball fanatic, and he
has some game, too. When I was thinking about this project, I was
thinking about him.

SI: Unlike Asylum, this is your concept, right?

Davis: I came up with it. For my next project I wanted it to be
something I can be involved in throughout the whole process.

SI: You know, if you write in a part for Janet Jackson as the
female lead, this movie will do Lord of the Rings business.

Davis: Oh, man, that's a great marketing tool.

SI: Are any of your teammates begging for a role?

Davis: Bryce Drew. He wants to be in a movie with a hot chick.

SI: One of your high school classmates at the Crossroads School
in Santa Monica was Kate Hudson. Did she have star quality back

Davis: Absolutely. We took speech and debate class together. She
was one of those people who you knew had star written all over

SI: So, what rating would you give the NBA?

Davis: I would say PG13, for some graphic language and partial
nudity. Nobody under 13 gets in without a parent.

--Richard Deitsch

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