The Hawks billed their April 10 game against the Celtics as
Family Night and gave discounts to parents who brought their
children. Then, during a second quarter timeout, the Philips
Arena sound system blasted DMX's song Party Up, which features
the f word six times. Patrons were not pleased. The team blamed
the gaffe on the fact that the regular sound person was off duty
that night. Said Hawks spokesman Arthur Triche, "Without question
this never should have occurred."

--Even though she took a photographer to court last July to keep
topless photos of her under wraps, Cameron Diaz has chosen the
role of a Playboy model for her next movie. X-Girls is based on
the true story of three Playmates who competed in the 2002
Eco-Challenge, a 300-mile, multidiscipline race in Fiji. During
the Eco-Challenge the women slept in caves full of bats, were
covered in leeches and had their feet torn up by ocean coral. The
team, called Playboy X-treme, was the first mostly female squad
to finish their race.

--Jim Calhoun may ply his trade somewhere between Boston and the
Bronx, but the 61-year-old coach is a native of Braintree, Mass.,
and there's no doubting where his loyalties lie. When the Yankees
asked the man who guided UConn's men's team to the national title
to throw out the first pitch at an upcoming game, Calhoun, a
lifelong Red Sox fan, said, "No way. Sixty years of torment is
enough." Instead Calhoun threw out the first ball at Monday's Red
Sox-Yankees game at Fenway Park.

--You can't exactly call it the breakfast of champions, but Jake
Delhomme, who quarterbacked the Panthers in their Super Bowl loss
to the Patriots, is the latest jock to have his own cereal.
Jake's Flakes (not to be confused with quarterback Jake Plummer's
Jake's Flakes) are frosted cornflakes and are being sold in North
Carolina stores.

--During his peripatetic coaching career Larry Brown has shown
little allegiance to any city. But if his recent fashion trend is
any indication, the first-year Pistons coach might finally have
found a permanent home. On April 9, after the Tigers ran their
record to 4-0, Brown showed up for a postgame press conference
wearing a Tigers cap and an Ivan Rodriguez jersey. (Tigers
manager Alan Trammell reciprocated two days later by meeting the
press in a pin-striped suit, a la Brown.) Then on April 12, as
the Red Wings were in the midst of their first-round playoff
series with Nashville, Brown showed up for his press conference
wearing a Steve Yzerman jersey. And if Pistons fans are worried
that Brown might skip town over the summer, fear not. It looks as
if he'll be around at least until the fall. "I hope to wear a
Lions jersey soon," he said.... Whitney Ping, a 17-year-old from
Portland, made the U.S. Olympic team in--what else?--table
tennis. She qualified with her doubles partner, who, alas, is not
named Pong.... ESPN has yet to cast the role of Pete Rose for its
forthcoming movie Hustle, but they have nabbed a big name to
direct: Peter Bogdanovich, who was nominated for an Oscar for
directing The Last Picture Show.

THREE B/W PHOTOS: AP (MARATHON TOP) PICTURE THIS You've run a long way, baby. In 1967 a Boston Marathon official tried to force Syracuse student Kathrine Switzer from the then all-male race (top). Women were officially let into the race five years later, and on Monday 7,708 female marathoners were given their own start for the first time in the event's 108-year history. Catherine Ndereba won, and fellow Kenyan Timothy Cherigat took the men's race. COLOR PHOTO: JOE GIBLIN/AP (MARATHON BOTTOM) [See caption above] COLOR PHOTO: DAVID MAXWELL/GETTY IMAGES (CRISP) COLOR PHOTO: NANCY KASZERMAN/ZUMA PRESS (DIAZ) Playmate on the run COLOR PHOTO: PLB SPORTS INC. (CEREAL)

The Dartmouth crew team had to cancel practice after the coaches
were attacked by an otter.


Indians outfielder, after he dropped a routine fly ball against
the Twins last week: "I did my job. The ball didn't do its job."