Q+A Michael Vartan

May 31, 2004
May 31, 2004

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May 31, 2004

NBA Playoffs

Q+A Michael Vartan

The 35-year-old Alias star and avid L.A. Kings and Mets fan is
featured with the Stanley Cup in the NHL's ad campaign

This is an article from the May 31, 2004 issue

SI: For a huge hockey fan like you, how big a thrill was it to
hang around the Cup?

Vartan: I've worked with some of the hottest women in Hollywood,
and it's by far the most nervous I've been on camera. The moment
I saw the Cup I got the chills. The first 10 takes I flubbed
every line.

SI: You only moved to the U.S. at age 18. How does a guy from
Fleury, France, become a Mets fan?

Vartan: I had Mets pajamas as a kid.

SI: You're filming Monster-in-Law with Jennifer Lopez, a Yankees
fan, and Jane Fonda, who was married to the owner of the Braves.
Have you outlawed baseball talk on the set?

Vartan: The first thing I told Jane was, "I was a huge fan of
yours until I saw you sitting in the stands of Turner Field doing
the tomahawk chop."

SI: You play pickup hockey several times a week. Do you wear a
mask so that pretty face of yours doesn't get smacked?

Vartan: Oh, yeah. Believe me, I'd welcome a couple of pucks and
high sticks to the face, but I gotta protect the investment.

SI: In filming the NHL playoff spots, did you get to drink out of
the Cup?

Vartan: I didn't, but I have a new puppy and I tried to get her
to sit in the top of the Cup for a picture. She wouldn't get near
it. She knew unless you've won it, you can't touch it.

SI: You've said you would trade everything to be a pro athlete.
Do you expect us to believe you'd trade a role on a hit show and
dating one of the world's most beautiful women [Alias co-star
Jennifer Garner, right] just to lead Tie Domi's life?

Vartan: The last part is tough. I would not trade dating Jennifer
for anything, but if I were Tie Domi, maybe I could still date
her. (Laughs.) Of course I'm over the hill now. I throw a
baseball for 15 minutes, and the next day I can't move my arm. I
sort of realize it's over.

--Richard Deitsch

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