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June 15, 2004
June 15, 2004

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June 15, 2004

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Heard On The Range

After the second round of the Memorial, a fan handed two-time U.S.
Open champion Lee Janzen a five-by-seven photograph to sign. Janzen
gave it back to the fan without signing. "That's Tim Petrovic,"
Janzen said. Earlier on Friday a photo of Petrovic appeared in The
Columbus Dispatch, only the paper I.D.'d him as Tom Pernice,
Petrovic's playing partner on Thursday. "Tim's having a tough
week," said Janzen.... Former Yankees outfielder Paul O'Neill, a
Columbus native, was walking the fairways with Steve Flesch and
Harrison Frazar during their Tuesday practice round at Muirfield
Village when a tournament official ordered him back outside the
ropes. "I guess Jack [tournament host Jack Nicklaus] isn't a
Yankees fan," said Flesch.... Paul Azinger offered $100 to anyone
who'd eat one of the thousands of live cicadas that inundated
Muirfield Village last week. Dudley Hart's caddie, Craig (Woody)
Camarolli, took the double-dog dare and the Ben Franklin by gulping
one of the bugs.... John Daly didn't try to qualify for next week's
U.S. Open. "I feel as if I should be in [automatically]," said
Daly, who is ranked 54th in the world but needed to be among the
top 50 as of May 31 to qualify. "Everybody knows the rankings are
[wrong]," Daly added.... Last Friday, Scott McCarron and Ted Purdy
holed shots from the fairway for eagle on the 444-yard, par-4 18th
at Muirfield Village.
--J.G., Farrell Evans

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A. Janzen
B. Pernice
C. Petrovic

COLOR PHOTO: NICK DOAN/ICON SMI (JANZEN) POP QUIZ Which one of these three PGA Tour pros is Tim Petrovic? ACOLOR PHOTO: AL MESSERSCHMIDT/WIREIMAGE.COM (PERNICE) [see caption above] BCOLOR PHOTO: FRED VUICH (PETROVIC) [see caption above] C


Does Michelle Wie deserve an exemption into the U.S. Women's Open?


Based on the percentage of Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers who

"WOMEN'S GOLF is part of the entertainment business, and Michelle
sells tickets. Her talent speaks for itself."
--Jane Frost, Holly Ridge Golf Club, South Sandwich, Mass.