Katrina Campins, the leggy Miami real estate exec from Donald
Trump's The Apprentice, is making the move from the boardroom to
the sidelines. The 24-year-old football fanatic, who counts
several NFL players as clients, is embarking on a second career
as a lighthearted reporter for ESPN2. "To be able to integrate my
love for the camera with my love for sports is a great marriage,"
says Campins (below). She made her debut covering last month's
NFL draft for the morning show Cold Pizza, quizzing Iowa
offensive lineman Robert Gallery on his monthly food bill and
asking Miami (Ohio) quarterback Ben Roethlisberger how he plans
to stave off women in the pros. The show's producers were so
impressed that they offered her a weekly segment in which she'll
cover events, including NFL training camp. "People like her, and
the camera likes her," says producer Brian Donlon. "She's a

--The Pistons are hot right now, but 10 Detroit fans froze their
tails off last Thursday in an Ice the Lakers contest. With a pair
of tickets to that night's 88-68 rout of L.A. at stake, nine
women and one man sat on blocks of ice for 93 minutes in downtown
Detroit wearing only thongs. (The contest was sponsored by radio
station 93.1, WDRQ.) With doctors continuously circling to check
for frostbite, all 10 contestants made it to the end, so two
names were drawn to receive the ducats. "It really wasn't that
bad because your cheeks just kind of go numb after the first five
minutes," says one winner, Paula Gill, 25, who entered the
contest so she could bring her father to the game. "My dad was
skeptical, though. He said I was never going to make it since I
start complaining if it gets a little cold in the house."

--Saying, "Little chickens need a big man like Dale to stick up
for them," actress and PETA spokesperson Pamela Anderson is
calling on Dale Earnhardt Jr. to urge KFC to adopt more humane
killing practices. After Junior recently signed a sponsorship
deal with the restaurant chain, Anderson sent him a letter that
began, "Greetings from an admirer." Don't expect Earnhardt to
rock the boat, however. KFC has put his face on limited-edition
commemorative buckets of chicken, making him the first person
other than Colonel Sanders to grace a KFC bucket.

--When Jimmy Kimmel picks a vacation spot he should probably
avoid Motown. At halftime of Game 2 of the NBA Finals on June 8,
the Jimmy Kimmel Live host told ABC's Mike Tirico, "They're going
to burn Detroit down if the Pistons win, and it's not worth it."
Kimmel quickly issued an apology, joking, "We in L.A. have taken
a commanding lead in postgame riots. If the Lakers win I plan to
overturn my own car." Kimmel's show was pulled the next night
and, ironically, when Kimmel returned to the airwaves last
Friday, his first guest was Detroit native Chris Webber, who
presented Kimmel with a Pistons jersey and a Tigers hat. "I hope
this is humiliation enough for me," Kimmel said, reluctantly
donning the duds. "But I sincerely doubt it." ... Will Ferrell
ran the Boston Marathon last year in under four hours, and he's
currently filming a flick called Kicking & Screaming, about a
competitive soccer dad who butts heads with two lesbian soccer
moms. Now he has another sports-related project in the works:
Ferrell will both cowrite and costar in Talladega Nights, a movie
about the Alabama superspeedway.

COLOR PHOTO: BRAD BARKET/WIREIMAGE.COM (CAMPINS) COLOR PHOTO: COURTESY KFC (KFC BUCKET) COLOR PHOTO: JASON COHN/ZUMA PRESS INC. (KID ROCK) COLOR PHOTO: EUGENE HOSHIKO/AP (PICTURE THIS) PICTURE THIS Had Dick Vitale been in Shanghai last Thursday, he certainly would have touted these aspiring sumo wrestlers as diaper dandies. A group of local kids socked it to 297-pound Tokitsuumi, who was part of a delegation of 111 wrestlers, referees and support personnel that was in the Chinese city for a two-day public demonstration of Japanese sumo.


Bottled water given to the visiting team at a professional soccer
game in Athens was found to be spiked with haloperidol, a
powerful tranquilizer.


Talking to LeBron James on NBA TV before Game 4 of the Finals: "I
didn't go to college either, and check me out."

Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)