Jinxed Jeter

In Tom Verducci's story on slumps (Solving the Biggest Mystery in
Sports, June 7) he forgot to mention the main reason Derek Jeter
fell into one: Umpires finally started calling more strikes on
the corner, the pitches on which Jeter either leans back as if
his life were in danger or leans forward as if the pitch were
going to hit a player in the first base dugout. Hallelujah!
Andy Miller Taunton, Mass.

As ardent Yankees fans, my nine-year-old son, Mo, and I thank you
for putting Jeter on the cover. The SI jinx once again worked,
only this time it reversed a trend that needed reversing.
Steve Pasternak, Livingston, N.J.

I was pleased to see Jeter on the cover. Then I noticed that the
subject was his slump. I guess when your team payroll tops $180
million, somehow even the jinxes work in your favor!
Wayne Dillen, Corpus Christi

Skateboard Legend

Thanks for the lesson on the life of Christian Hosoi (Skate and
Destroy, June 7). As a kid, I met him and later bought a Hosoi
skateboard, but I never knew how his life had taken such a
plunge. I hope the story will make young readers more aware of
the dangers of stardom and of drugs.
Steve Fohl, San Leandro, Calif.

I was thrilled to see the article. I watched the Zephyr boys go
from surfers to the baddest skaters in the world. The only
problem I had was the way Christian was described in jail: "...
and with his dark hair and complexion he looks like yet another
Mexican father doomed to catch only glimpses from behind
bulletproof glass of his children growing up." Not all Mexican
fathers are in jail and not all of them are doomed. I may be only
one reader of your magazine, but I know many other Mexican
subscribers who were also offended.
Angela Rocha, Austin

What a waste of pages. How many of your readers do you think care
about a punk who made some terrible choices in his young life and
got no guidance from his family or so-called friends? If you are
going to cover skateboarding at all, surely you can find a better
Bert Wolfe Temple, Texas

Seeing Orange

Thanks for the nice lacrosse article in SCORECARD (June 7). But
in your coverage you should have given a nod to Le Moyne College,
which won the Division II championship the same weekend that
Syracuse took the Division I crown. Having two national lacrosse
champions in Syracuse has made this city very proud.
Elizabeth Costello, Syracuse, N.Y.

Hidden Gem No More

Having lived in Boise for nearly a decade, I can say Idaho
(Sports in America, June 7) is indeed a great place to live. When
your poll named Al Davis Enemy of the State, it showed that we
have remarkably little to complain about here. However, now that
you have blabbed about our trout fishing, I believe a repeat poll
might reveal SI as an Enemy of the State.
Don Yates, Boise

How could you have overlooked Lewis-Clark State College on your
Who & Where map? The Warriors have won 13 of the last 21 NAIA
national baseball championships. Their alums include current
major league pitchers Keith Foulke and Steve Reed.
Clay Hatfield, Nampa, Idaho

By referring to Idaho resident Bill Buckner as "the Red Sox first
baseman," you stoop to the level of uninformed fans who remember
him only for the worst night of his career. During 22 seasons,
spent mostly with the Cubs and the Dodgers, Billy Buck knocked
out more than 2,700 hits and won a National League batting title.
He played only two full seasons for Boston.
Mark Semer, New Rochelle, N.Y.

Cheers for Dad

I just finished reading Steve Rushin's tribute to his father (Air
and Space, June 7) and found it fitting that it not only arrived
on his dad's birthday but so close to Father's Day. It made me
think of how important my father is to me. My father is also a
tank of a man who taught me the respect you show with a
handshake, how to tie a tie correctly, and how to be a great
father to my son. So I'd like to say to my dad, in his favorite
magazine, a belated Happy Father's Day, I love you, and thank you
for everything.
Tom Wojcikowski, Carthage, N.Y.

If I purchase every issue of SI at a newsstand, I'll spend $175
this year. If the only article I read is Rushin's message to his
father, I'll have gotten my money's worth.

Paul Geoghegan, Whitestone, N.Y.

Enough of Barnett

Much has been said and written about what Gary Barnett knew or
didn't know and did or didn't do concerning the University of
Colorado football recruiting scandal (Scorecard, June 7). What
has been overlooked is that he should have been fired long ago
for simply being a lousy coach.
Jack D. Rodreick, Colorado Springs

Greek-American Baseball

C'mon, Reilly, give us a break (The Life of Reilly, June 7)! The
last time we Greeks had anything to cheer about--except for a guy
named Sampras--Alex Karras was playing in the NFL. So what if a
few U.S. baseball players are using their ancestral links to
claim spots on the Greek Olympic team. Reilly needs to down a
shot of ouzo and relax!
John Papanikolas, Salt Lake City


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