Stuck in wimbledon whites for a fortnight, the Williams sisters
are already planning their outrageous Olympics outfits. Serena,
who has her own clothing line, called Aneres (Serena backward),
will wear micro-mini shorts; Venus, meanwhile, is refusing to
divulge any details of her Greek getup. "I'd rather you wait and
see," she said. "I plan everything around my outfits." Venus is
also planning the outfits of fast-food workers. She designed the
oversized orange newsboy caps that will be required headwear for
McDonald's employees in Athens during the Games.

--The WNBA is finally getting some exposure. Maybe too much.
Lauren Jackson, the 6'5" Seattle Storm center and reigning league
MVP recently bared all for a photo spread in an Australian art
magazine. Jackson, a 23-year-old Aussie, appeared last week in
Black + White along with 34 other nude Australian Olympians. (The
pictures will later be auctioned off for charity.) Says Jackson,
"I've worked so hard to develop my athletic body that it felt
good to show off what I've accomplished and built. It's my
temple." Jackson's coaches and teammates have been supportive of
the project, but, she says, "I didn't expect anybody in America
to find out about it. I guess that's just my naivete."

--Call them the fandom of the opera. After the Tigers barred
Charley Marcuse from belting out arias while peddling hot dogs at
Comerica Park (SI, June 14), the Detroit faithful rose up,
created a website and launched a campaign to let the team know
that they relished the idea of a vocalizing vendor. The Tigers
relented, allowing Marcuse to sing on the JumboTron during the
second inning of each home game. Cliff Russell, the Tigers'
senior director of communications, blames the whole thing on a
misunderstanding; the team originally thought fans were bothered
by Marcuse's singing. "Turns out fans were more upset that
Charley berates them for wanting ketchup on their dog," Russell
noted. "He likes his dogs with mustard and sometimes refuses to
hand out ketchup. But that's a separate issue. Overall, people
kind of missed the singing."

--When NASCAR driver Adam Petty died in 2000 at age 19 in a crash
at the New Hampshire International Speedway, he had already
raised thousands of dollars to build a camp in North Carolina for
terminally and chronically ill kids. Last week his dream came
true when the Victory Junction Gang Camp opened in Randelman. On
hand for the kickoff gala were Adam's parents, Kyle and Pattie
Petty, who took over the project after his death, as well as
country singer Sara Evans, NASCAR vice chairman Bill France and
actor Paul Newman. More than 50 NASCAR drivers have donated to
the $24 million, 75-acre park, and three-time Winston Cup
champion Darrell Waltrip is currently accepting bids on eBay for
his personal Toyota truck to raise additional funds.

--Is this what Pistons cheerleaders meant by "Give me a P"? When
the Detroit-L.A. series returned to the Palace of Auburn Hills
for Game 3, mens' room patrons discovered the team had installed
screens in the urinals that--when dampened--displayed the message
BEAT L.A.... Giants quarterback Jesse Palmer has split with the
woman he chose on The Bachelor, law student Jessica Bowlin.
Palmer told Extra, "We simply realized that, individually, our
next steps take us in different directions."

COLOR PHOTO: ACTION IMAGES/WIREIMAGE.COM (DANISH FAN) PICTURE THIS Don't believe soccer can serve up some jaw-dropping moments? Try telling that to these fans of Denmark (left), Sweden (center) and Holland at the Euro 2004 championships. Their teams gave them plenty to yell about--not all of it good: The Danes played powerhouse Italy to a draw, the Swedes routed Bulgaria 5-0 and the Dutch, in the tournament's most exciting game, lost 3-2 to the Czech Republic. COLOR PHOTO: KAI PFAFFENBACH/REUTERS (SWEDISH FAN) [See caption above] COLOR PHOTO: LAURENCE GRIFFITHS/GETTY IMAGES (DUTCH FAN) [See caption above] COLOR PHOTO: MANNY MILLAN (WEAVER) COLOR PHOTO: SCOTT MARTIN/AP (PINIELLA) COLOR PHOTO: JESSE D. GARRABRANT/WNBAE/GETTY IMAGES (JACKSON)

Titans running back Eddie George issued press credentials to his
bachelor party.


Devil Rays manager (left), on ex-Orioles skipper Earl Weaver
(right): "When I was in Double A with Earl, he told me, 'Son,
you're never going to play in the big leagues--you've got too
much of a temper.' And I said, 'Well, you're a heck of an