1 I THINK that when Cardinals coach Dennis Green announces that
Emmitt Smith is going to be his starting running back, what he's
really saying is, I don't have a starting running back right now.

2 I THINK it is unbelievable that Pro Bowl left tackle Walter
Jones may once again miss training camp and report to the
Seahawks just in time to play the season. For three years
Seattle and Jones have been arguing about his contract. For
three years he has boycotted camp and then played the season.
If you're Mike Holmgren, don't you just want to throw up? Jones
will make $7 million this year and he can't come to camp?

3 I THINK, and this is a Giant uh-oh, that some Big Blue observers
are saying Jesse Palmer (right) has thrown the ball better than
Kurt Warner in June practices.

4 I THINK that in 20 years of covering the NFL, I can't remember so
many great young receivers--guys who aren't even 25 years old
yet--in the league at the same time. Even the clubs that have had
lousy passing games, such as Arizona, Detroit and New Orleans,
have two or three kids at wideout who will scare every defensive
coordinator they face this year.

5 I THINK you can never go wrong when you spend a half hour on the
phone with CBS analyst Phil Simms. "I don't care what team I'm
talking to this off-season," Simms told me the other day, "Mike
Martz's name comes up. His offense keeps evolving. It doesn't
stay the same. Everybody's studying what Martz is doing."

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