Three days after Lance took France, he was pumping the pedals in
the Netherlands and winning a 62-mile race. About then
speculation arose that he was engaged to Sheryl Crow. (The
evidence: He didn't correct a hotel staffer who referred to Crow
as Armstrong's fiancee!) Meanwhile, the Lance Armstrong
Foundation has sold close to six million yellow Live Strong
bracelets to benefit cancer research this summer. (John Kerry,
Serena Williams and Matt Damon were all seen wearing them last
week.) But not all was harmonious, as Armstrong's feud with
Italian cyclist Filippo Simeoni spun into high gear. Simeoni has
a libel suit against Armstrong for allegedly calling him a liar,
and Simeoni alleges that during this year's Tour de France,
Armstrong threatened him, saying, "I have lots of money and time
and lots of lawyers. I can destroy you." Armstrong hasn't
confirmed he said those words, but if he did, it could lead to
his being charged with intimidating a witness.