Thanks to the 2002 women's champ, the U.S. Open will have a decidedly retro look. "I thought about what I like to wear, and I like denim, so I started sketching tennis outfits and Nike did the rest," Serena Williams told SI. "I thought back to Andre [Agassi] and his cute little ripped-jean shorts, and I thought, Why not bring it back?" Williams's wardrobe collection, which will be on sale to the public next spring, includes a pleated denim skirt, a mesh tennis dress and knee-high "rebel" boots, which she plans to wear for warmups. "You always play better when you look good," says Williams (below), who is confident that she is fully recovered from the knee injury that kept her out of the Olympics. "I was so sad that I didn't get to wear my Athens outfits. But now I'm focused on bringing my game to the Open with New York style."

■So how did a man wearing a blue tutu and a spotted leotard manage to evade security and take a leap off the springboard and into the pool at the Olympic Aquatics Center during the men's synchronized diving competition on Aug. 16? "It was actually pretty easy," struggling Montreal musician and publicity hound Ron Bensimhon,31, told SI. "I guess they were so busy looking for terrorists, they missed the guy in the tutu." Despite reports that he was trying to impress his wife, Bensimhon had a more basic motive: He wanted publicity for his forthcoming debut album. An experienced party crasher--he ambushed Annika Sorenstam at the 2003 British Open--Bensimhon was surprised by the harsh reaction his Olympic stunt drew. Greek authorities threatened him with a terrorism charge and five years in prison before slapping him with a fine of 2,500 Euros for trespassing. He also claims that police officers dragged him into a bathroom and "beat the s---" out of him. "The officers were yelling at me in Greek," Bensimhon says. "I didn't understand what they were saying, but they were clearly pissed."

■Perhaps it's because she spends so much time rolling around in the sand in a skimpy bathing suit. A nationwide survey by found that the female Olympian Americans would most like to date is beach volleyball gold medalist Misty May. But the 27-year-old champ, who took gold with Kerri Walsh,is off the market: She's engaged to Florida Marlins prospect Matt Treanor.Finishing behind May in the survey were swimmers Natalie Coughlin and Amanda Beard.The most dateable men were beach volleyballer Dain Blanton,tennis star Andy Roddick and swimmer Klete Keller.... Net surfers aren't the only people who think Roddickis cute. The Australian women's water polo team put a bounty on his lips: $500 to the first girl to kiss him. When he heard about it, Roddick said, "I'm thinking it's going to be a hit-and-run attack while I am standing in line for food or something. I find it pretty funny, but I'm gonna be like the basketball men, you know. I'm holding out for more money." Roddick successfully avoided being bussed; no one won the dough.


Gambling websites are taking bets on whether Kobe Bryant will be convicted of sexual assault (1 to 2) and divorced (2 to 1) by the end of 2004.



Boxer who will make $10 million for a Sept. 18 fight with Oscar De La Hoya, on why he shops at Sam's Club: "You have to bag it, but it's worth the savings."

TWO COLOR PHOTOSALBERT GEA/REUTERS (PICTURE THIS, 2) PICTURE THIS You gotta love human beings: they're resilient, they're courageous--andthey're stackable. Especially in the Spanish village of Villafranca del Penedes, near Barcelona, where on Monday, at an annual festival, men (and women) conspired to build castles, called castells,in the air.The preening towers, constructed of more than 100 people, are a centuries-old Catalonian tradition. COLOR PHOTOJED JACOBSOHN/GETTY IMAGES (HOPKINS) COLOR PHOTOWILLIAM GRATZ/ABACA (WILLIAMS)