What Was Your Welcome-to-the-NFL Moment? "Growing up, watching Inside the NFL and all that grunting and all those mad grrrrrrr noises, you thought it was just animation to make a better TV show. But then when you actually get out there and hear it, that's when I realized I really was in the NFL."

Most Embarrassing Moment?

"I had to block [the Titans'] Kevin Carter on a punt. He pushed me back, and I almost blocked my own punt. That looked funny on film."

Most Treasured Possession?

"My Jesus bracelet. I got it during my junior year at Florida State from a chaplain, and I always wear it in the game. It kind of protects me, I think."

Favorite Off-Day Activity? "Going to the mall. I like to find new shoes. I've got a lot of shoes.... I have shoes that I had in the seventh or eighth grade."

If I Weren't in the NFL, I'd Be....

"Maybe a chemical engineer or an architect or something."

Last Week

Hope had four tackles in the Steelers' 30--13 road loss to the Ravens.

This Week

He goes to Miami to play the Dolphins. Hope and Miami running back Travis Minor played in three national title games together while at FSU.