HE RENTED a yacht named Privacy, but just in case that didn't afford Tiger Woods the seclusion he desired at his wedding last week at the Sandy Lane resort in Barbados, there were droves of camouflage-wearing security guards hiding in the bushes. The sunset ceremony, at which Woods, 28, married model Elin Nordegren, 24,was the highlight of a five-day bash that included golf, fireworks and Hootie & the Blowfish, who played at the reception. Among the guests: Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, as well as Tour players Mark O'Meara and John Cook. "It was very understated and very elegant, just like Tiger," says Cook. "People had a really good time. There was a lot of dancing [at the reception]. It went on until about 11:30. Everyone was pretty roasted--by the sun and in every other way--by the time we were through."

■ Redskins quarterback Tim Hasselbeck,26, and his television-personality wife, Elisabeth (right)--who met at Boston College, where he played football and she played softball--have an eaglet on the way. The couple is expecting a baby this spring. With her husband in D.C., The View cohost (who is based in New York) was forced to wait two weeks to share the news. "I didn't want to tell him any other way than in person," Elisabeth, 27, said. "It was a hard two weeks, but I've never seen him so shocked." She announced her pregnancy to the world when she and her four cohosts appeared on The View eating junk food and wearing fake big bellies.

■ Is Abercrombie & Fitch purposely out of step with the Olympic spirit? Hard to tell, but the retail chain has been selling T-shirts that feature a gymnast on the rings contorting his body into the shape of an L above the phrase L IS FOR LOSER. Predictably, this has raised the dander of gymnastics aficionados. "No individual, regardless of race, gender, age, intelligence or athletic ability, can or should be deemed a loser," USA Gymnastics president Bob Colarossi wrote in a letter to A&F. "Athletics as a whole, and gymnastics in particular, provides a great foundation in physical fitness and offers skills for a lifetime." USA Gymnastics has asked its members to boycott the store until the shirt is pulled. Abercrombie & Fitch has yet to decide whether it will remove the offending item from its line.... Unlike the man he aspires to be (Donald Trump), bow-tied Apprentice contestant Raj Bhakta doesn't appear to have a way with glamorous ladies. As the reward for winning a challenge on The Apprentice, the men's team went to the National Tennis Center in Queens to hit a few balls with Anna Kournikova and John McEnroe. Raj, 28, boldly asked Kournikova out--even though she's been with singer Enrique Iglesias for two years. Anna gamely agreed to coffee if Raj could return one of her five serves. Alas, he flailed and missed all five, complaining, "There's a spin on them. These are like Bill Clinton serves." For losing the dare, Raj jogged around Arthur Ashe Stadium in his boxers while McEnroe, Kournikova and the rest of his team drilled tennis balls at him.


A 5'9" man from Hong Kong who wanted to be an NBA player paid two beauty salons $2,600 to make him taller.

They Said It

Twins pitcher, after giving up four runs in a third of an inning in Minnesota's 6--5 loss to the Yankees in Game 4 of the American League Division Series: "Nobody wants to be in my pants right now."

B/W PHOTOJAMES RUEBSAMEN/L.A. PUBLIC LIBRARY PHOTO COLLECTION (NICHOLSON AND DUNAWAY) PICTURE THIS Image is everything in Los Angeles, and beginning this week the city celebrates its rich athletic history with Play by Play: A Century of Sports Photography, 1889--1989. The exhibit, which runs through March 27 at the L.A. Central Library, features more than 200 photos, including classic shots of Jack (with Faye Dunaway in 1985) holding court at a Lakers game and O.J.'s dash with the '84 Olympic torch. B/W PHOTOJAVIER MENDOZA/L.A. PUBLIC LIBRARY PHOTO COLLECTION (SIMPSON)   [See caption above.] COLOR PHOTOJONATHAN DANIEL/GETTY IMAGES (RINCON) COLOR PHOTOJAMES DEVANEY/WIREIMAGE.COM (HASSELBECK)