44 The Hits Kept Coming

The Yankees and the Red Sox took their cuts at conventional October wisdom by slugging it out in a classic ALCS

by Tom Verducci


52 Twin Engines

Herman Edwards's bond with Chad Pennington has the Jets off to their best start ever

by Michael Silver


56 The Real Thing

Braylon Edwards is one of the nation's best wideouts and Michigan's indisputable leader

by Karl Taro Greenfeld


62 New Beast in the East

Shaquille O'Neal's arrival in Miami creates a seismic shift

by Jack McCallum

70 Throwbacks

• The Runner

Relentless Richard Hamilton is an old-style scoring force

by Ian Thomsen

• The Grinder

Onetime basketball vagabond Brian Cardinal is a wanted man

by L. Jon Wertheim

• The Playmaker

Can a flashy guard be a selfless leader? Yes, says Carlos Arroyo

by Chris Ballard

76 Straight Shooters

Stars from the glory days are riding herd in front offices

by Jack McCallum

86 Scouting Reports

SI ranks all 30 teams


4 Leading Off

10 Letters

13 Air and Space

Death, despair, downpours--just another October with the Red Sox by Steve Rushin

14 Scorecard

• Sports bloopers on campaign trail

• Race-fixing jockey rides again

• Remembering Ray Boone

26 Faces in the Crowd

31 Players

156 The Life of Reilly

Unless you want new dental work, don't ask me about poker on TV by Rick Reilly

Inside ...

150 College Football

• Seminoles' Sexton in firm control

• Turnaround at Texas A&M

152 The NFL

• Where is the Redskins' offense?

• Who is the Bears' quarterback?



COVER FLAP PHOTOS: John W. McDonough (Mavericks, Rockets, Spurs, Timberwolves), Manny Millan (Pistons)

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COLOR PHOTOBOB ROSATO (JETS) CLOSE TALKERS Herman Edwards and Chad Pennington are all smiles, but can they beat the Patriots (page 52)? COLOR PHOTOJOHN BIEVER Ben Wallace and Detroit are the pick again.