Despite reaching the Final Four, Oklahoma State had a problem with post defense throughout last season. So when Aaron Pettway (right), a record-setting 6'10", 240-pound junior college center, signed to play for the Cowboys in April, the coaching staff believed it had found the missing piece to the national championship puzzle. “He may be the most important recruit we’ve had in a long time,” associate head coach Sean Sutton said at the time. So where was Pettway during Oklahoma State’s 78–75 loss to Gonzaga on Dec. 29? Right where he’s been for most of this season: on the bench. Pettway had played a total of 35 minutes in the Cowboys’ first 10 games, scoring 10 points and grabbing four rebounds. His lack of experience (he didn’t play high school basketball) is compounded by a passive personality. “He’ll play well for five- or 10-minute stretches in practice,” Sutton says, “but then he’ll disappear.” If Pettway is still invisible when the NCAA tournament begins, the Cowboys will be exposed yet again as a very good team with a very conspicuous flaw.


... George Washington forward Pops Mensah-Bonsu (below), a 6'9", 240pound junior who was averaging 15.3 points and 7.3 rebounds at week’s end for the Colonials (8–2), who have upset Michigan State and Maryland.

SI: Let’s start with the obvious: How did you get the nickname Pops?

Pops: Well, my name is Nana Papayaw Mensah-Bonsu; Pops is just short for Papayaw. It is what my parents have called me for as long as I can remember.

SI: You grew up in London. Why aren’t you a soccer player?

Pops: I actually played soccer for the first 14 years of my life. If I don’t make it in pro basketball, I might try out for D.C. United. I think I can do it.

SI: I’m thinking of picking the Colonials as a Final Four sleeper. Am I crazy?

Pops: No, you are not crazy. Anything can happen in March.


1. Steve Alford is doing more than saving his skin. The Iowa coach has been on the hot seat for two years, but the Hawkeyes’ 12–1 start hasn’t just relieved the pressure on him, it’s also made Alford the favorite for the Indiana job if Mike Davis doesn’t survive.

2. Georgia Tech’s Jarrett Jack is the best point guard in the country. His size (6'3", 202 pounds) and efficiency (14.3 points and 4.7 assists a game, with a .598 field-goal percentage) give the Yellow Jackets an edge at that position no matter whom they play.

3. N.C. State is worse than anyone thought. Three losses in five games--including a 63–45 stinker against St. John’s on Dec. 30, in which the Wolfpack scored 10 points in the first half--show that N.C. State doesn’t have the chops to challenge for an ACC title.

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