And 1 Gig Helps Sonics' Scout

Jan. 17, 2005
Jan. 17, 2005

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Jan. 17, 2005

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And 1 Gig Helps Sonics' Scout


Steve Rosenberry serves two hoops masters, and both benefit. As head scout for Seattle, 49-year-old Rosenberry has helped the young team get off to a surprising start (24--8 at week's end). And as national director of team basketball for And1--another full-time position--he has helped the sneaker company grow into a $175 million entity.

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Three years after retiring from the CBA as a 6'2" guard, Rosenberry took his first step into the shoe business in 1983 by selling Adidas to college coaches and their teams. His connections proved appealing to the Sonics, for whom he has been scouting since '85 (except for a three-year stint with the Hornets). "He has more access to college coaches and trainers than you would normally see," says G.M. Rick Sund. "It works great for us, and it's satisfying for Rosie because he obviously has an eye for talent as well as an understanding for the business end of things."

As fledgling And1's first outside hire, in 1994, Rosenberry helped launch the company's new team division by doing everything from writing ads to introducing European players to the brand. His dual experiences may help Rosenberry launch a third career, as a G.M. "In the spring and fall the NBA scouting is quiet, and that's when I go from school to school to see my clients and buddies," says Rosenberry. "Knowing all the scuttlebutt helps, because when you only have two draft picks a year, you can't afford to make a mistake."