Ron Luciano vs. Earl Weaver: Luciano didn't like Weaver's belligerence, and Weaver (left) didn't like umpire Luciano's showboating. Luciano ejected Weaver so often that Orioles players placed bets on when their skipper would be run. Luciano was eventually pulled from Orioles games for a year. In his first game back, he tossed Weaver.

Johnny Evers vs. Joe Tinker: Yes, two thirds of the Cubs' famed Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance keystone combo hated each other, rarely speaking after Tinker threw a ball that broke one of Evers's fingers in 1907.

Paul Azinger vs. Seve Ballesteros: Their Ryder Cup matches were far from exercises in diplomacy. They didn't concede putts; they parsed the Rules of Golf like Talmudic scholars; and Azinger accused the Spaniard of coughing during play. (Paul: He's "the king of gamesmanship." Seve: "Everyone knows I have allergies.") Said Ballesteros, "The Americans were 11 gentlemen--and Paul Azinger."

Terry Holland vs. Dean Smith: According to his wife, Holland, the ex-Virginia hoops coach, named his golden retriever bitch Dean Smith after his Carolina counterpart because she whined all night.

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier: Ali--who called Frazier "Uncle Tom" and "Gorilla"--passed his animosity on to his child. Before fighting Jacqui Frazier-Lyde in 2001, Laila Ali called Frazier's daughter "ugly" and "ignorant."

George Steinbrenner vs. Billy Martin: The Boss has bickered with many, but never as fervently as with Martin, whom he canned five times, including once for calling him a "convicted" liar. (Steinbrenner made illegal contributions to Richard Nixon's 1972 campaign.) After Martin was fired for a fifth time, pitcher Ron Guidry--clearly in the minority--said, "I find this boring by now."

John Calipari vs. John Chaney: There was already bad blood when, in '94, Chaney (right) barged into Calipari's press conference after a loss and screamed, "Next time I see you, I'll kick your ass. I'll kill you. You remember that."