Jay Quinlan

March 14, 2005
March 14, 2005

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March 14, 2005

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Jay Quinlan


SI caught up with freestyle snowmobiling's 25-year-old Godfather, who last week dropped in on The Late Show with David Letterman, performing his trademark backflip on a New York City street. Here's the reaction of the Alaska-born, Red Bull--sponsored rider to a few topics we flipped his way.

This is an article from the March 14, 2005 issue

New York City: Insane. We couldn't park the buses at the [hotel], so we had to stay on the other side of the Lincoln Tunnel. That was scary.

Letterman: Smart-ass.

Sierra Club: I won't say the first thing that comes to mind. Not helpful.

Red Bull and vodka: Excellent, even though I'm not a fan of Red Bull and vodka.

SI Swimsuit Issue: Awesome. Though I never buy it, I'll read it if it's sitting around.

The Godfather: I don't know where that s--- came from. Maybe because I hung out with motocrosser [Mike (the Godfather)] Metzger a lot.

Motocross versus snowmobile backflip: It's 180. Not even comparable.

Charles and Camilla: Skip that one.

Injuries: Sucks. I've had ongoing stupid problems with my feet. I've fractured my collarbone before, but feet--that's what you ride and walk on.

Iraqi insurgents: What are insurgents?

COLOR PHOTOZACK SECKLER/AP (SNOWMOBILE) SNOW BIZ Quinlan performed for Letterman on a mountain of powder trucked in from New Hampshire.COLOR PHOTOFRANCOIS PORTMANN/RED BULL (INSET)