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March 14, 2005
March 14, 2005

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March 14, 2005

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An Entertainment Weekly REVIEW

On My Own may be a misnomer for Amy Lepard's debut album. Renowned hip-hop producer Mike Mosley (Tupac, E-40, Master P) and pianist Mike Mani (Santana, Temptations), a Grammy winner, probably don't work on many other independent releases. But at least Lepard has the chops to capitalize on all the advantages her husband's money can buy. On My Own has a few strong hooks, and Lepard's voice is pleasant if unremarkable. Its easy soulfulness works well with the mid-tempo wedding-band jams she favors. The lyrics are better left unexamined, but given a choice between On My Own and Shaq's You Can't Stop the Reign, I'll take the golfer's wife. --Leah Greenblatt

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