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April 04, 2005
April 04, 2005

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April 4, 2005

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Scout's Take

On 6'6" Clippers swingman Corey Maggette, 25, who at week's end was averaging a career-high 22.1 points:

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"He's always going to be one of those guys who's a good player on a bad team. He ranks 11th in the league in turnovers [2.9 per game] because he's an iffy ball handler who makes bad decisions. He'll come out of a timeout playing man-to-man defense when his teammates are in a zone, or he won't know the offensive play because he wasn't paying attention in the huddle--which, believe it or not, is a problem with a lot of guys in this league. Maggette has explosive athleticism and he gets to the line for almost 40% of his points. But, bottom line, he's filling up his stat sheet more than helping his team play at a higher level."