TWO COLOR PHOTOSPhotographs by Al Tielemans Wait for the Snap To help them build strength, Ohio State linemen wear harnesses during spring practice in Columbus, where they worked toward their ultimate goal: to spring receiver Ted Ginn Jr. (left) for some big gains this fall. TWO COLOR PHOTOSPhotographs by Darren Carroll Horns Aplenty There were 40,500 fans on hand to watch Texas's annual intrasquad spring game on April 2. The Longhorns will be led this season by quarterback Vince Young (right; page 54). TWO COLOR PHOTOSPhotographs by Damian Strohmeyer Hoe Down Michigan is renovating the Big House, but that didn't keep quarterback Chad Henne (right) and the rest of the Wolverines from spring practice in Ann Arbor last Saturday.