"Yer Outta Here!"

Any sorehead manager can get ejected in baseball--and they do. Every skipper has a story
May 15, 2005

He was ejected by Gary Darling last Friday night against Cleveland (left) for arguing a checked swing. Style points awarded for tossing his cap into the crowd as he left the field. Showalter, who says that he always "wants to be right" when he argues in order to "keep credibility" with the umps, was also ejected for arguing a checked swing in 1992, as a rookie Yankees manager at Comiskey Park. That time, he recalls, he got revenge. "I was sick that game, throwing up. I had a fever. I felt like hell. I came out to argue, and we had an emotional disagreement. Then three or four days later I heard that the umpire had come down with whatever I'd had."

"I always feel contrite after I get kicked out. I feel like, Why did I do that? When I was younger, it was a pretty good rush. Now, I don't get excited as much.... One time I got kicked out of a game, and the umpire, I can't recall his name, came to me the next day and said, 'Look, we both speak Spanish. Talk to me in Spanish, don't embarrass me.' I said okay. About a month later we had an argument on a play at first, I argued in Spanish, and he says, 'Get the hell out of here!'--in English. That was the end of the Spanish argument."

"When an argument's happening, emotions take over; after you're ejected, you feel like the kid who has been sent to the corner by the teacher. But there was one time Bruce Froemming and I got into it when I was trying to get thrown out. He tells me, 'I'm not going to throw you out.' I said, 'I'm not leaving until you do.' Suddenly we're arguing about whether or not he's going to throw me out. We were out there about five minutes. I'm waiting him out. He's holding his ground. The fans are getting louder. Finally, he gives in and throws me out. Quite a victory."

JOE TORRE, Yankees
"Doug Harvey once told me I was the first guy he threw out of a game. Then, when he was in his last year ['92], he told me he wanted me to be the last guy he threw out. I was managing the Cardinals, and we had a game that didn't mean a whole lot, at Shea Stadium. There was an issue with a player substitution, and I called him over. I'm trying to argue with him, and he's laughing because he doesn't know what I am doing. I said, 'Doug, this is it, Doug. This is it.' He said, 'What?' I said, 'You wanted to throw me out as the last guy, well, I'm out here bitching, let's go.' And he threw me out."


Though nobody keeps official stats, John McGraw, who managed (mainly the N.Y. Giants) from 1899 to 1932, is thought to be the alltime leader in ejections with 131.... Atlanta's Bobby Cox is the active leader with, the Braves say, 114.... On June 9, 1999, then Mets manager Bobby Valentine returned to the dugout after an ejection, disguised in sunglasses and an eye-black moustache (right).