Double Duty

May 23, 2005
May 23, 2005

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May 23, 2005

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Double Duty

They already have a roof over their heads, but some Arena Football League players work second jobs

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show me respect. They think it's cool to see me play, then come into work Monday." Salary: $15,000HUGH HUNTER, Colorado Crush OL/DL Eight-year AFL vet, 32, was taken by the Jets in the sixth round of the 1996 draft. Never played in NFL; spent two years in NFL Europe. At 6'2", 265 pounds, he has 231/2 career sacks. Salary: Approximately $100,000Owner, H&B Development Owns real estate firm with friend and Kats OL/DL James Baron. "We find old homes that need work, bring them to standard, then rent or resell them," he says. Works 12 hours a week and says, "Football has been good for me businesswise. It's taught me discipline." Salary: UndisclosedCOLOR PHOTOJ. MERIC/WIREIMAGE.COM (GEORGE)COLOR PHOTOCOURTESY OF WARNER BROS. (BATMAN)COLOR PHOTO DONN JONES/NASHVILLE KATS (MORABITO)COLOR PHOTO BRAND X PICTURES/GETTY IMAGES (BRIEFCASE)COLOR PHOTONICK DOAN/WIREIMAGE.COM (HUNDON)COLOR PHOTO COMSTOCK IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES (SCALES)COLOR PHOTOERIC LARS BAKKE (HUNTER)COLOR PHOTOTHINKSTOCK/GETTY IMAGES (SIGN)