THE BRONCOS' ferocious defensive end Trevor Pryce, a four-time Pro Bowl selection, spends his off-season trying for less punishing hits. His three-year-old production company, Outlook Music, has signed indie rock acts such as Roman Candle and Daphne Loves Derby, as well as 33Hz--an electro-pop band whose debut album came out last month and was called a "sound sensation" on VH1. "33Hz (below left) must have sent me 75 tracks before we narrowed it to 13," said Pryce (number 93, above), who produces tracks in a studio in the basement of the Aurora, Colo., house he shares with his wife, Sonya, and daughters, Khary, 5, and Kamryn, 2.

Pryce, 29, had unwanted downtime last year when, after having started 69 straight games, he missed 14 with a back injury. Now healthy, he has signed a four-year, $28 million extension with Denver. These days, between workouts at the Bowlen Broncos Centre, he toils in the studio, manages his bands from a Denver office and makes music of his own. Pryce plans to release The Turntable Club, an album on which he plays keyboards, guitar, drums and bass. "His songs have a great electronic sound to them with some horns to give it funk," says Broncos receiver Nate Jackson, who performs as Jack Nasty in a hip-hop band. "I was hoping he'd ask me to collaborate." Pryce, though, doesn't like to mix football and music and makes a point of not letting people in the latter industry know his main trade. "If people see me in a video or on the CD cover, they'll say, Oh, God, another athlete with a bad album," Pryce says. "I have to step back. I don't want people comparing me to [Pacers would-be music mogul] Ron Artest."