Lisa Rands

June 27, 2005
June 27, 2005

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June 27, 2005

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Lisa Rands


Edited by Yi-Wyn Yen

Last month top American rock climber Lisa Rands, 29, returned from Stanage Edge in England's Peak District National Park where she became the first woman to repeat Shine On, graded an Extreme 7 (out of 10) for its fatality risk. The 5' 4", 115-pound Rands, who specializes in death-defying solutions to bouldering problems, muses on more down-to-earth subjects.

This is an article from the June 27, 2005 issue

Michael Jackson trial: I didn't expect him to get convicted; if you have more money, you have more rights than regular people.

Hello Kitty: It just makes me smile. I have a Hello Kitty tattoo on my lower back. I have Hello Kitty chopsticks, a knife and spoon set and a teapot. I also have Hello Kitty underwear. Yeah, Hello Kitty makes a G-string.

Arm wrestling her husband: I'd probably beat [photographer Wills Young] lefthanded, and he'd beat me righthanded. I did beat a famous [male] climber once--I won't say who--lefthanded.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: I just wonder what the age difference is there. Wasn't she pretty young when Top Gun came out?

Fingerprints: They do get worn off. I'm looking at my fingers now. They're chewed up, but I have a couple of [fingerprint] lines. The times I've gotten printed, like at the DMV, they don't say anything, so I guess I'm O.K.

TWO COLOR PHOTOSWILLS YOUNG (RANDS, 2)HANG TIME Top climber Rands has left her fingerprints on the sport.