July 25, 2005
July 25, 2005

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July 25, 2005

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With the clampdown on pass-defense rules last season, elite quarterbacks reemerged as the most important fantasy performers. Peyton Manning and Daunte Culpepper top the list, but there's value farther down in Kerry Collins and Carson Palmer. And it's always good strategy to have quality depth. A backup could bring a bounty when someone else is shopping for a starter.

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1.Peyton Manning, Colts
Passer who set NFL records for TD tosses and rating (121.1) in '04 gets better with age
2.Daunte Culpepper, Vikings294.83911
3.Trent Green, Chiefs286.92717
4.Donovan McNabb, Eagles258.3318
5.Kerry Collins, Raiders249.62120
6.Marc Bulger, Rams283.12114
7.Byron Leftwich, Jaguars
New coordinator Carl Smith wants to throw downfield more; good news for Leftwich, who likes to go deep
8.Drew Brees, Chargers210.6277
9.Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks241.62215
10.Tom Brady, Patriots230.82814
11.Michael Vick, Falcons154.21412
12.Brett Favre, Packers
Surpassed 4,000-yard mark for fourth time in career in '04; another year like that may be too much to ask of his 36-year-old body
13.Carson Palmer, Bengals206.91818
14.David Carr, Texans220.71614
15.Jake Plummer, Broncos255.62720
16.Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers187.21711
17.Jake Delhomme, Panthers
Lost top wideout, Muhsin Muhammad (NFL-high 16 TD catches in '04), who jumped to Bears
18.Brian Griese, Bucs239.32012
19.Aaron Brooks, Saints238.12116
20.Chad Pennington, Jets205.6169
21.Joey Harrington, Lions190.41912
22.Eli Manning, Giants115.969
23.Kyle Boller, Ravens
New WRs Derrick Mason and rookie Mark Clayton give Boller weapons like he's never had; new coordinator Jim Fassel will stretch field
24.Kurt Warner, Cardinals205.464
25.J.P. Losman, Bills8.001
26.Steve McNair, Titans167.989
27.Trent Dilfer, Browns66.613
28.Drew Bledsoe, Cowboys183.32016
29.Gus Frerotte, Dolphins**
Dolphins need potent Ronnie Brown--Ricky Williams ground attack to succeed; that means not putting Frerotte in position to make mistakes
30.Rex Grossman, Bears202.313
31.Patrick Ramsey, Redskins185.01011
32.Alex Smith, 49ers*238.5324
*Rookie (college stats) **2003 stats

Stats in charts from 2004 season


Kerry Collins

With wideout Randy Moss on one side, Jerry Porter on the other and crafty coach Norv Turner calling the plays in Oakland, Collins should have an excellent chance to exceed his career highs in passing yards (4,073, for the Giants in 2002) and touchdowns (22, for the Giants in '00). Throw in the promise of a revamped running game with the signing of free agent Lamont Jordan (formerly of the Jets), and the 11th-year quarterback could be sitting pretty in the pocket as his dual deep threats slice up secondaries. As the potential 21st century answer to the original Mad Bomber, Daryle Lamonica, the strong-armed Collins can please Al Davis by making big plays deep down the field. Collins and the offense will have to do plenty of that if the Raiders' dubious defense isn't vastly improved.