Strictly Tweaking

Sept. 08, 2005
Sept. 08, 2005

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Sept. 8, 2005

  • The final major of the year, at historic Baltusrol, shapes up as a classic

2005 PGA Championship

Strictly Tweaking

Baltusrol has been lengthened considerably since the 1993 U.S. Open, the last major held there, but the extra yardage wasn't the only thing that caught the eye of "Gorjus" George Lucas

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Gorjus's Yardage

According to the PGA Championship program, par-70 Baltusrol will play at 7,392 yards, but the pros won't go by that. They'll use Gorjus George's yardages. Here's what Baltusrol measured for the '93 Open and what Lucas says it will play at next week.

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Green Monsters
The 652-yard 17th at Baltusrol will be the longest hole ever played in a major championship, but it'll be only the fifth-longest on the PGA Tour.

66716thFirestone SouthNEC Invitational
6651stLaCanteraTexas Open
66318thKapaluaMercedes Championships
66315thTucson NationalChrysler Classic


COLOR PHOTODAVID WALBERG YARDOLOGISTLucas (with Woody) has made the tour pros' yardage books since 1976. He measured Baltusrol last month. SEVEN COLOR ILLUSTRATIONSILLUSTRATIONS BY GEORGE LUCAS