The Lineup

Aug. 29, 2005
Aug. 29, 2005

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Aug. 29, 2005

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The Lineup

AUGUST 29, 2005

This is an article from the Aug. 29, 2005 issue

VOLUME 103, NO. 8


34 Unfinished Business

Haunted by their Super Bowl loss in 2004, the Panthers are intent on winning it all--now

by Peter King


40 Georgia's New Peach

Jeff Francoeur leads a rookie pack that has Atlanta closing in on yet another division title

by Michael Farber


48 The Cruelest Season

Booted out of the Big East, Temple adds injury to insult by playing a punishing schedule

by Franz Lidz


52 Survivor: New York

For a brutal test of endurance and a motley cast, no reality series beats the U.S. Open

by L. Jon Wertheim


56 Stars of David

Two Arabs are heroes of Israel's surprising team, which could all but clinch a World Cup berth next Saturday

by Grant Wahl


4 Leading Off

12 Letters

15 Air and Space

Baseball for brunch, Monday Night Football before bedtime--love that Pacific time zone by Steve Rushin

16 Scorecard

• New player in TV sports: OLN

• 49ers lineman dies after game

• UConn basketball arrests

27 Faces in the Crowd

28 Players

72 The Life of Reilly

A high school wideout is booked for robbery and ... plays on by Rick Reilly

Inside ...

68 College Football

• Cal's standout freshman receiver

69 The NFL

• Pennington impressive in return

70 Baseball

• Will injuries hold back Cards?



INSET PHOTO: Bill Frakes


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COLOR PHOTOBILL FRAKESCAT CALLER Jake Delhomme leads the Panthers into battle (page 34). COLOR PHOTOZIV KOREN/POLARIS (INSET)