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Oct. 31, 2005
Oct. 31, 2005

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Oct. 31, 2005

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The Pop Culture Grid

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The Exorcism of Emily RoseWhatever's on BETOZZIE GUILLEN White Sox manager"When I was a kid""I5" (has three kids)"One of the richest men I've ever seen"TarzanPsycho"News"ERIC STAAL Carolina Hurricanes LWNo"Zero.""A very rich man"A very heavy prostituteSawSportsCenterBRIAN DAWKINS Eagles safetyYesEvery two weeks, off-season (lives in Orlando)"Smart"MummyThe Exorcist"Cartoons on Nickelodeon with my son"PHOTOFRAZER HARRISON/GETTY IMAGES (MICKEY MOUSE)PHOTODAVID BERGMAN (YOUNG)PHOTOJUSTIN STEPHENS (GUILLEN)PHOTOVOLKER MöHRKE/CORBIS (SYRINGE)PHOTOPARAMOUNT PICTURES/PHOTOFEST (LEIGH HEADSHOT)JIM MCISAAC/GETTY IMAGES (STAAL)PHOTOEVAN AGOSTINI/GETTY IMAGES (DIDDY)PHOTOCAPPY JACKSON/WIREIMAGE.COM (DAWKINS)