July 1-3, Sonkajarvi, Finland
Rodman attends the Wife-Carrying World Championships, but declines to compete, saying he lacks proper training, not to mention an able wife. (His had a broken leg.) He vows to get in shape for next year's event. "I'll carry the kids around the house or something," he says.

Sept. 14, Hollywood
The new commissioner of the Lingerie Football League (Rodman) hosts a bash for Lingerie Bowl III, to be played Super Bowl Sunday--and throws down a lacy gauntlet to Paul Tagliabue: LFL champs vs. NFL champs. (Tags has yet to respond.)

Oct. 29, Las Vegas
The Worm becomes the first guest to stay in the Hardwood Suite at the Palms Resort and Casino. The $50,000-a-night room features two floors and an adjoining basketball court with a locker room and ball racks. (Cheerleaders are extra.)

Nov. 6, Helsinki Finnish team
Torpan Pojat signs Rodman to a one-game contract for about $59,000. Rodman, out partying until 5 a.m. the night before, shows up at the Helsinki Ice Hall three hours early, mutters a few expletives when informed of it, then scarfs down meatballs and mashed potatoes at the Ice Hall café. He finishes with 17 points before a league-record crowd of 7,420. "I haven't touched a ball for four months, so I did a pretty good job," he says.

Next stop, Tijuana In October, Rodman, 44, signed with the Tijuana Dragons of the ABA. His first game is Nov. 24.