Dec. 12, 2005
Dec. 12, 2005

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Dec. 12, 2005

SI Players: Life On and Off the Field
From the Editor
Sportsman of the Year


In the age of the 24-hour news cycle, one man's controversy is another's overblown nonevent. How then does one pick golf's controversy of the year? There was no shortage of dustups to choose from, so we went with a scientific approach (sort of). We came up with 11 elements that figure into any good public brouhaha and then charted how many of those elements apply to each of 2005's contenders. We have a winner.

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Controversy RecapSenior CartsGeezers angry about Champions tour cart banAppearance FeesTop Tour players receive cash to play in pretournament pro-amMonty's Bad DropColin Montgomerie gets caught improving his lie after a rain delaySpikegateVijay and Phil feud over spiked-up greens at AugustaChristina Kim @ Solheim Cup Excitable Cup rookie pours on the partisanshipTiger Splits PGATwo shots out of a playoff, Woods blows off the Monday finishWie Debut DQTeen phenom disqualified after her illegal drop comes to lightPhil Just Says NoWorld No. 3 takes a pass on the Tour ChampionshipCreamer v. SorenstamRookie and superstar get heated over where Sorenstam's ball crossed a hazard
Breach of Decorum Bonus (2 points)Standard (1 point)Bonus (2 points)Bonus (2 points)Double Bonus (3 points) Standard (1 point) 
Breach of Rules  Standard (1 point)   Standard (1 point)  
Distasteful Behavior  Bonus (2 points)Bonus (2 points)Standard (1 point)Standard (1 point) Standard (1 point) 
Closed-door MeetingsStandard (1 point)Standard (1 point)Standard (1 point)Standard (1 point)     
Official Sanctions  Standard (1 point)      
Threat of Legal ActionStandard (1 point) Standard (1 point)      
Personal RancorStandard (1 point)Standard (1 point)Standard (1 point)Bonus (2 points)Standard (1 point)Standard (1 point)  Standard (1 point)
Chance of Fisticuffs   Double Bonus (3 points)Bonus (2 points)   Standard (1 point)
Flight Problems  Standard (1 point)  Standard (1 point)Standard (1 point)Standard (1 point)Standard (1 point)
Initiated by SI Writer      Standard (1 point)  
Media Frenzy Standard (1 point)Standard (1 point)Bonus (2 points) Bonus (2 points)Double Bonus (3 points) Standard (1 point)

PHOTODARREN CARROLLHIDDEN BALL Wie's bad drop was big news, but was it the controversy of the year?