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Dec. 19, 2005
Dec. 19, 2005

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Dec. 19, 2005

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Pro Basketball
Pro basketball
  • Alonzo Mourning isn't staging the Heat's only dramatic comeback: Two years after stepping down as coach, Pat Riley is back on the bench demanding more--a lot more--from his underachieving team

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Who's Hot / Who's Not


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Barber Brothers

Workhorse Giants back Tiki (left) had 124 rushing yards on Sunday, his fourth consecutive 100-yard game. Bucs defensive back Ronde (right) had a key interception--that's four in two games--and a sack in a win over Carolina. And, oh, yes, Barber look-alike Shaun Alexander, whom Tiki calls "the third brother" (SI PLAYERS, Dec. 12), is having himself an O.K. season, too (page 46).

Dallas Pros

Cowboys thriller over the Chiefs actually pleased coach Bill Parcells ("I am happy we won," the Grumpalumpapus allowed), and fits in neatly in the city of winners. Dominant Dirk Nowitzki has the Mavericks at 15-5, while the Stars, led by stingy goalie Marty Turco, had won 10 of 11 to take hold of the top spot in the Pacific Division.

Jerome Bettis

Pittsburgh's Mr. Selfless says his job is to "spell Willie Parker." On Sunday that spelled 101 yards and two touchdowns on a cold and sloppy field, as well as a potentially postseason-saving 21-9 win over the Bears in what may be Bettis's final season. Said receiver Hines Ward, "He epitomizes what the Steelers are all about."



Monday Night Football

Institution's swan song features a lot of ugly ducklings: On Monday the Saints fell to 3-10 with a loss to Atlanta. This week's meaningless matchup has the Packers (3-10) at the Ravens (4-9). The grand finale? See the Jets (3-10) against the Patriots. It's enough to make you long for that Monday-night classic of two weeks ago: Seahawks 42, Eagles 0.

Colorado Buffaloes

Sex scandal? No worries. Recruiting improprieties? Pshaw, who doesn't have a few? Get walloped three games in a row? Unforgivable! CU finally fired maligned football coach Gary Barnett after the Buffs limped home with a 7--5 record. Three days later the team was back in the news: CU tackle Clint O'Neal was suspended for sending a racist e-mail to another CU athlete.

Ron Artest

So much for being all lovey-dovey with Larry (SI, Oct. 24). NBA's Public Enemy No. 1 flipped the bird to the Pacers' organization, saying he doesn't like playing for coach Rick Carlisle and wants out. As an added insult, he made his noise in the media instead of to the team.