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Feb. 06, 2006
Feb. 06, 2006

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Feb. 6, 2006

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Looks like we'llnever find out which rapper is the better youth football coach. Snoop Dogg, whoorganized his own league, recently took two squads to a youth football classicat Dolphins Stadium in Miami. When his 12- and 13-year-olds faced a teamcoached by hip-hop pioneer Luther Campbell, referees had to halt thegame--which was being played for charity--after a brawl broke out between theteams. Campbell told SI that Snoop should be banned from youth sports andcalled him a "hood" and a "pimp." (Snoop could not be reachedfor comment.)

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• Pedro Martinezalways seemed like a good catch: gainfully employed (he draws $13.5 million ayear from the Mets) and good with the little ones (remember his affinity forNelson de la Rosa, his 28-inch sidekick during the 2004 postseason?). But nowhe's off the market. Last week Martinez confirmed that he wed former ESPNDeportes reporter Carolina Cruz (above) in November in the DominicanRepublic.

• When the Sunsreleased him at the end of last season, Paul Shirley devoted himself to hissecond love: writing. He started a blog on called My So-Called Career.(Shirley began blogging on the Suns' website when he was still in the NBA.) Thepremise of his writing has always been simple, says Shirley: "a normal guyin a situation--the NBA--that is absolutely ludicrous." Shirley, 28, hassince scored a book deal, and last week Fox announced it will produce a pilotfor a sitcom, The 12th Man, based on his blogging. Though it's set in afictional league, look for familiar characters. "We can do a riff on Kobewith no difficulty," he says. "We'll just nickname the guy the Cobra [aplay on Bryant's Black Mamba moniker]. The NBA won't get behind this show. I'm100 percent sure."

• Turns out JimmyJohnson's hair does move after all. The Fox analyst will sport a moredisheveled look (below, right, with star Michael Chiklis) on an upcomingepisode of FX's cop drama, The Shield. (Only the beard is fake.) Johnson playsa blotto vagrant who gets hauled in to jail. The former coach has a fewlines--and manages to give a shout-out to a colleague. "You've got thewrong guy!" Johnson wails in one scene. "Terry is the guy you'relooking for! Not me!" ... Trevor Pryce won't be playing in Super BowlXL--his Broncos lost to the Steelers 34-17 in the AFC Championship Game--buthe's still having a good winter: The Martin Lawrence vehicle Big Momma's House2 features his song Private Dancer. The 30-year-old defensive end, who eightyears ago started his own label, wrote the song and plays all the instruments;the vocals are by rapper Rhymefest.


The book on Sebastien Grosjean: Don't hit it to hisforehand, which is quite strong, and don't hit it right at his stomach, becausethat's where he keeps his second racket. Actually, the flying implement camefrom Nicholas Kiefer, who chucked it at Grosjean in an effort to distract himin their Australian Open quarterfinal match. It worked. Grosjean hit his volleyinto the net, and the umpire, controversially, didn't punish Kiefer, who won infive sets.


A Malaysian man announced that as a matter of Asianpride, he will attempt to break the American-held record for speed-kissing avenomous snake.

They Said It

ZYDRUNAS ILGAUSKAS, Cavaliers center, on the team'shectic recent schedule: "You know you haven't been home a lot when your dogbarks at you."