Q & A Sarah Hughes

Feb. 06, 2006
Feb. 06, 2006

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Feb. 6, 2006

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Q & A Sarah Hughes

The 2002 Olympic gold-medal-winning figure skater, 20, is taking a break from Yale to cover the Turin Games for MSNBC

SI: Which skater do you think will win gold in Turin?

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Hughes: The great thing about the Olympics is that you never know. There are a couple of wild cards, such as Italy's Carolina Kostner. She's talented, and skating in Italy she could shock people. Three of the top four from the last Olympics [Michelle Kwan, Irina Slutskaya and Sasha Cohen] are returning, and they're the strongest contenders. As for the future of women's figure skating, I think my sister [Emily, 17] is definitely one of the brightest faces.

SI: Emily finished third at nationals, but she was left off the team in favor of Michelle Kwan. Was that fair?

Hughes: It is what it is. But I think these are very unusual circumstances. It has certainly attracted a lot of attention to figure skating. Emily took it in stride.

SI: Do you think Emily will watch the ladies' final?

Hughes: If she's not on the team, I think it will be difficult for her to watch.

SI: You told this magazine two years ago that one of the great things about the Smuckers Stars on Ice tour was that "if I want to find a boyfriend, I can go to every city in the country, find the cute boys and give them seats on the ice to watch me do what I do best." How did that work out?

Hughes: It totally backfired. I am still single. But that was a good idea, right?

SI: Anyone in particular you'd like to skate with?

Hughes: [Mets third baseman] David Wright. If we ever go skating, I'll let you know how it goes.

SI: So is this interview merely a ploy to get the attention of David Wright?

Hughes: [Laughs] Well, I do have a new appreciation for the Mets--and I think they'd like as many fans as they can get.

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