Flying High

It is finally safeto say that after years of being rejected at resorts throughout America,snowboarding--with its appearance on your Feb. 20 cover--has arrived. Halfpipemedalists Shaun White, Hannah Teter, Danny Kass and Gretchen Bleiler are finelytuned athletes who absolutely gave their all and represented our country wellin Turin.
Laura Lieff, Beaver Creek, Colo.

Straight Talk

After reading S.L.Price's War of the Words (Feb. 20), I view Ozzie Guillen as a man ofdedication, motivation, determination and truth. He exemplifies what I wish ourpoliticians would be. If one cannot speak the truth in times of difficulty,then one lives in a world full of lies. Congrats to Ozzie and his family--theyare U.S. citizens who appreciate what they have been given and what they haveearned through hard work. Thank you, Ozzie, for being true to yourself, yourfamily and, most of all, Gus Polidor.
Kent Crossman, Roseville, Calif.

Some may sayGuillen lacks tact, but as someone who gets tired of the constant sugarcoatingfrom athletes and managers, I think Guillen is a contemporary example ofsomeone who is proud of his homeland, proud of his work and ready for anycircumstances that may come his way.
J.D. Williams, Fort Collins, Colo.

In the picture ofGuillen hugging someone wearing a Garcia jersey, it's not Freddy Garcia--ascaptioned--but Ozzie's son Ozney. He wore the jersey for good luck throughoutthe playoffs.
Bob Rud, Hoffman Estates, Ill.

Editor's Note: SIregrets the error.

Firing on AllCylinders

I was beginning tothink that only Michiganders were watching the Pistons' phenomenal play thisseason (Smooth in Transition, Feb. 20). Jack McCallum penned a well-deservedhurrah to Chauncey (Smooth) Billups and all his teammates. I especially likedthe comments from other players and coaches who agree with everyone from ourgreat state that we have five All-Stars.
Marcy Beckett, Rochester, Mich.


While I wasrooting for the Steelers, we can all relate to Seattle fans who must have felttheir team was receiving bad call on top of bad call at the Super Bowl (Insidethe NFL, Feb. 20). Peter King did a great job explaining the NFL rules on eachof the questioned calls. It was interesting to learn the ins and outs of therules and the reasoning behind the officials' decisions.
Jodi Crawford, Brunswick, Maine

It wasn't justthat the ticky-tack calls were made, it was that they all went in onedirection. After their first drive, the Steelers had only one more penalty. Asevery basketball coach in America says, "Call 'em both ways!"
Mike Ligon, Kent, Wash.

Oh, well, whocares now? We have a great team in Seattle, and every game will be sold outnext year. [Former Seahawks owner] Ken Behring never saw the need for a winningteam. Paul Allen is a kid in a candy store. I can hardly wait for the NFL'spreseason to start.
Jim Charleston, Friday Harbor, Wash.


The Casper AreaChamber of Commerce has received a few calls about Beyond the Pale, RickReilly's column about a fictitious basketball team (Life of Reilly, Feb. 20).This team does not exist, and there is no Wyoming State University in Casper. Italked to one caller who was convinced that such a team existed and--since helives in a nearby state--wanted to come to Casper to attend a game.
Nancy Pawlowski, Casper, Wyo.
Casper Area Chamber of Commerce

Thanks very muchto Reilly for his wonderful take on Glory Road. This satirical masterpiecestood reality on its head, leaving me dizzy for an hour--from laughing.
Tom Sanders, Tucson

Reilly's Beyondthe Pale was a classic. My only disappointment with the story was that Iexpected to see Sidd Finch (The Curious Case of Sidd Finch, April 1, 1985)noted as the father of one of the basketball players. Isn't it about time wegot an update on his activities?
Jim Durkee, Belton, Texas


While most of thetime Steve Rushin's column warms my heart, his column on Red Sox fans' banningthe name Yankees from their youth baseball leagues made my stomach turn (Airand Space, Feb. 20). It is never acceptable for anyone to ridicule and harasschildren playing sports, particularly when they are starting to learn aboutsportsmanship and love of the game. The citizens of Dracut, Mass., need to geta grip on reality, at least for their kids' sakes.
Mark Perlaky, DeKalb, Ill.

Youth baseballleaders have chosen to rid their leagues of the name Yankees because childrenare getting booed. By doing so, they are merely ensuring that the realproblem--the immaturity of the townspeople--will continue for years to come. Itruly hope these towns and townspeople are proud to have gotten nationalattention about this.
Jeff Zima, Brighton, Mass.

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