The Things He Carries

Memphis forward Shane Battier packs his duffel with the comforts of home
March 13, 2006

"WE SPEND alot of time in hotels," says the Grizzlies' Shane Battier. "It's tough.I'm a guy who needs to be entertained." To stay sane on the road, Battier,like many NBA players, brings a bountiful goody bag. He explains why he needswhat he needs. --Dustin Goot

• PlayStationSlim

Even with myPlayStation Portable, I carry this console with me. On games like Grand TheftAuto you want the larger screen experience. The problem is a lot of hotels usethis LodgeNet movie system, which ties up the inputs where PlayStation cablesshould go. I have to get a cleaning lady to unlock it.

• Ugg Scuffslippers

My feet are mylivelihood, so I need to keep them happy. I probably wear these six or sevenhours a day. They're very soft, and they don't make my feet sweat too much.

• BlackBerry

I do most of mye-mail on this. [Warriors forward] Mike Dunleavy and I exchange messages almostevery day. We try to stump each other with obscure quotes from our favoritemovies.

• Alienwarelaptop

I have emulatorsloaded onto this, so I can replay games from my childhood. The biggest for mewas Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. When I knocked out Mike for the first time, I musthave been 10. None of my friends had beaten him. It was one of the greatestmoments of my life.

• Printoutsfrom

Sites like SI.comtalk about J.J. Redick, Shelden Williams and Coach K. I check in at this siteto find out who's playing well off the bench and what's up with the assistantcoaches.

• Shaving oil

With just threedrops, I can shave really close and my skin comes out smooth. I like to shavein the shower after practice so that I look sharp for games. But if I'mdefending Kobe or Tracy McGrady, I might keep my face haggard to remind myselfI have to play a little rougher.

• Hugo Bosscologne

My wiferecommended this. It's an outdoorsy scent. Like a crisp autumn morning in theOregon woods.

• Books

I read The DaVinci Code when we were playing an exhibition game in Paris. I was able to walkto the Louvre and see where everything in the book was supposed to take place.I didn't see any of the hidden messages it talked about.

• Brookstonesleep mask

Growing up nearDetroit, my room was in the basement. I got used to sleeping in total darkness.This mask helps re-create that. You don't want to sleep on the team plane,though. You'll get food stuffed in orifices where you don't really wantthem.

• Comedy DVDs

I carry a lot ofmovies--classic comedies like Caddyshack and The Big Lebowski. Like the Dude[from Lebowski], I've been known to consume a few White Russians.

• iPod 30GB

I have everythingloaded on here, from Guns N' Roses to Miri Ben-Ari, the hip-hop violinist.After games I relax with something smoother, like Al Green. I'll be so pumpedup, I can't go to bed until 3 a.m. I've been through Al Green--Greatest Hitsmany, many times.

• Shure E3cearbuds

The original iPodearbuds aren't very good, and the wire is too short for a [6'8"] guy likeme. I like the Shures because they have a good fit and they're sturdy.

• Chess set

It's not oftenthat I find someone who's brave enough to take me on in person. I usually haveto go online for an opponent.

• Customshirts

My torso is toolong to shop at regular places. When my wife [Heidi] and I went to Hong Konglast summer, I met with two tailors and had them take my measurements. Now Isend them pictures of shirts I like. If I ask for a blue polka-dot shirt with abright-yellow collar, they'll make it for me.