The way SebastianTelfair sees it, Through the Fire, a documentary about his 2004 senior year atConey Island's Lincoln High, is Hoop Dreams with a happy ending. Seeing the twoprotagonists in that 1994 film fizzle out before reaching the NBA "made mewant to work hard," says the Blazers guard. Fire premieres on ESPN onSunday at 8 p.m. Telfair is already looking forward to a sequel. "It wouldbe called Out of the Fire," he says. "It ends with me winning an NBAchampionship."

■ Paging Usher,Nelly and Jay-Z: Michelle Williams has a proposal for you. The Destiny's Childsinger recently became a part owner of the Chicago Sky, a WNBA expansionfranchise, and she's already talking smack with the three aforementioned NBAplayaz. (Jay-Z is a co-owner of the Nets, Usher is a part owner of the Cavs,and Nelly has a stake in the Bobcats.) "I want to make a bet with themabout whose team does better," Williams (right) says. "Maybe I couldget some basketball advice from them while we're at it."

■ Allison Baverdoesn't tune in to The Apprentice every week; "I haven't exactly had a lotof time to watch TV lately," she says. That's because Baver, 25, spent mostof her time at the rink, training for the Olympics. Now that the Games areover--the short- track speedskater's team finished fourth in the 3,000-meterrelay--Baver will turn her attention to impressing The Donald. She is one of 12Olympians chosen by NBC to vie for a spot on the next season of The Apprentice.Baver, who is pursuing an MBA online, says a boardroom gig would suit the sideof her fans seldom see. "People see me wearing sneakers andsweatpants," she says, "but I'm a business suit kind of girl."

■ Mavericks ownerMark Cuban, who coproduced Oscar nominees Good Night, and Good Luck and Enron:The Smartest Guys in the Room, jetted from his team's game against the Suns inthe first quarter to attend the Academy Awards on Sunday. Alas, he went 0 for7. Well, 0 for 8, since the Mavs lost too.... The Oscar experience was a littlemore rewarding for several LPGA golfers. Commissioner Carolyn Bivens took ahalf-dozen players, including Cristie Kerr and Natalie Gulbis, to L.A. to hitthe after-party circuit. (The LPGA donated tickets and private lessons to theOscar gift bags.) Bivens and crew mingled with Paris and Nicky Hilton, Ludacrisand Jamie-Lynn Sigler. And Stephanie Louden got to chat with Carson Dalyabout--what else?--golf. Daly, who went to Loyola Marymount on a golfscholarship, says he still has a two handicap.

■ The story ofJason McElwain, the autistic high schooler who nailed six three-pointers in agame last month (SCORECARD, March 6), has caught the attention of Hollywood.Jason's parents say they've heard from 25 production companies, includingDisney and Warner Bros., about buying the rights to their son's story. SaidJason, "I don't know what I'm walking into."

Two wheelchair tennis players were suspended last week for doping offenses.

They Said It
SHAQUILLE O'NEAL, Heat center, on his wardrobe: "I don't wear leotards orpanties or thongs. All right, thongs."


PHOTOERIC NEITZEL/WIREIMAGE.COM (WILLIAMS) PHOTOJEFF REINKING/NBAE/GETTY IMAGES (O'NEAL) PHOTOCHARLES DHARAPAK/AP (PICTURE THIS)PICTURETHIS - Here's what the locals learned from President Bush's surprise visit toPakistan last week: He has trouble pronouncing "nuclear," but he has noproblem with cricket lingo. The President took a few swings on the grounds ofthe U.S. embassy in Islamabad--he made solid contact twice and was hit in theshoulder by one ball. He also tried his hand at bowling. "I was fooled by agoogly," Bush said of his performance. "Otherwise I would have been abetter batsman."