The DesperateHousewives star is dating Spurs point guard Tony Parker

SI: You coached ateam in the celebrity game during the NBA All-Star weekend last month inHouston. How did that go?

Longoria: It wasgreat. I was yelling and pacing the whole time, like a real coach. EventuallyStephen A. Smith took over. He didn't want to let me coach. I hate sitting atbasketball games--it's so boring--so coaching was a great way to take in agame.

SI: Did Tony haveany specific advice for you before the game?

Longoria:"Win." We lost. He wasn't disappointed, but he looked at me at onepoint and said, "It's 11-8 at halftime. I have to go."

SI: Did you getto spend some quality time together in Houston?

Longoria: We wentto a party on Friday night and Tony performed his new song, Top of the Game.Vince Young emceed the event. I love Vince. Fabolous performed with Tony. ChrisPaul was there. Other than that, we were at the hotel the whole time. We didn'teat out once. All room service, baby.

SI: How's yoursinging? Good enough for a duet with Tony?

Longoria: I'll bein one of his videos, but no singing for me.

SI: Is there anychance that Tony will try his hand at acting?

Longoria: No, hehates being on a set. He says, "It's sooo boring." A year ago he showedsome interest in being an extra. He came down to the Desperate Housewives setwith [NBA players] Boris [Diaw] and Ronny [Turiaf]. When we were ready to shoottheir scene, they were gone. Tony had stolen a golf cart and was out zoomingaround the lot, so they weren't in it.

SI: What's nextfor you two?

Longoria: I'mlearning French. And we're building a house in San Antonio. It's great becauseeverything he cares about in the house, I don't. He's the architect. To me,only the closet is important. We were talking about it, and he asked, "Whatdo you have, honey, 50 pairs of shoes?" I said, "Are you insane? In SanAntonio maybe, but not total."

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