How are youdealing with your fifth-place finish in Turin?
I'm kind of over it. It wasn't my best performance. But there's no need tosulk.

What needs tochange in the sport?
A lot of the old guard. There are these judges and officials who are a lotolder than the [skaters], and they are stuck in the '40s or the '50s.

What is yourfavorite piece of clothing?
My python-and-beaver-fur coat. It's beautiful. It's very me. I understandpeople have a problem with fashion being murder. I think it's beautiful, evenif it is murder.

Who is yourfavorite entertainer?
Christina Aguilera. She's talented, but she doesn't cave to industry standardsas to what she should sound like, look like or be like.

Whatdistinguishes a Johnny Weir fan?
People who don't like me are very stodgy and set in their ways and veryred-state-ish. Most of my fans are more of a blue-state crowd and may havelittle eccentricities.

What are yourpostskating plans?
I want a place in Manhattan, either in SoHo or Chelsea or the meatpackingdistrict. When I finish skating, I'm going to focus on settling down withsomeone and living and being normal.

--As told toBrian Cazeneuve


Weir, 21, willcompete in the world championships in Calgary.