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March 20, 2006
March 20, 2006

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March 20, 2006

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Say hello toShaq's little friends. Shaquille O'Neal celebrated his 34th birthday lastFriday with a Scarface-themed bash at a Miami mansion that featured MichellePfeiffer and Al Pacino look-alikes, live flamingos and tigers, and rooms doneup to resemble different scenes from Shaq's favorite flick. Barely an hourafter scoring 21 points in a loss to Golden State, the Big Aristotle arrived tomingle with his Heat teammates and a guest list that included two-time Indy 500champ Helio Castroneves, Vivica Fox, Star Jones and rappers Ludacris and TrickDaddy. The guest of honor (right) was toasted by his wife, Shaunie, andpresented with a 23-inch cake in the shape of a film reel before Julio IglesiasJr. sang Happy Birthday to him.

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• There's someoneout there who can feel the pain of embattled slugger Barry Bonds: Deuce Bigalowhimself, Rob Schneider. The actor recently stopped by the San Francisco Giants'training camp in Scottsdale, Ariz., to promote his upcoming baseball movie, TheBenchwarmers, in theaters on April 7. Schneider took batting practice withBonds and played several innings at second base in an intrasquad scrimmage.("I tried to turn a double play," he said, "and I ended up turningmy ankle.") He and Bonds are "quite alike," Schneider told SI."Roger Ebert said Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo was the worst movie lastyear, and I've gotten worst acting awards. I'm the media's punching bag. Samewith Barry."

• Sasha Cohen hadtrouble landing anything during her long program in Turin, but at an AcademyAwards after-party in Los Angeles she may have landed her first movie role.Cohen (right) who won the Olympic silver medal despite falling twice, served asan Oscar correspondent for Inside Edition. She chatted up Ben Stiller at theVanity Fair bash, and the two discussed a role for Cohen, 21, in theforthcoming figure skating comedy, Blades of Glory, which Stiller is producing.Says Cohen, "It's not like it would be a stretch."

• Rapper Nellyrecently struck a deal to design his own shoes for Reebok. At the NBA All-Stargame in Houston he did some extreme research: He stole Allen Iverson'shightops. The Charlotte Bobcats co-owner greeted AI courtside after the gameand jokingly demanded of his friend, "Gimme those." (Iverson complied.)Nelly decided against cribbing any ideas from the shoes--he chose a low-topdesign--for his own kicks, which come out on April 4. But he did hang on toIverson's shoes. "I'm having a case built for those on my mantel as wespeak," he says.... The Hornets lost to the Lakers in their first game inNew Orleans since Hurricane Katrina, but their return to the city was not a sadoccasion. The day of the March 8 game, a group of current and former players(including Chris Paul, Luke Walton, Spud Webb and Bill Walton) grabbed hammersand helped Habitat for Humanity build a home in the city's Ninth Warddistrict.


If you love dirty water, go to Boston and gaze uponthe harbor. If verde water is your thing, head to Chicago, where every year thecity's plumbers' union tints the Chicago River in honor of St. Patrick's Day.Last Saturday two kayakers paddled their way through the emerald waters--youcould say the luck of the dye-rish was with them--in a slightly smallerprocession than the Second City's St. Patrick's Day parade, which was held thatmorning.


Canada may cancel its annual seal hunt because warmweather has made the ice too dangerous for the clubbers.

They Said It

JOHN DALY, to FHM, on why he does not go to thegym:

"They won't let me smoke in there."