The former NBAAll-Star, 42, is coach of the Melbourne-based South Dragons in Australia'sNational Basketball League

SI: Are youuttering things like "Good onya" around the house?

Price: Jokingly, Ihave. And I'm getting a lot of "G'day, mate" from my friends rightnow.

SI: How did thejob come about?

Price: A couplemonths ago the new Melbourne franchise sent a guy [Adrian Newell] to the Statesto scout players and coaches. A mutual friend had given him my name. Australianbasketball was not at the top of my mind. But the longer my family and I lookedat it, the more it seemed it might work.

SI: You're closewith Danny Ferry, the G.M. of the Cavs. Your team is allowed two imports. Whynot try to sell LeBron James on the beach and the world's friendliestpeople?

Price: Danny mightnot be my friend anymore if that happens. And LeBron might have to take a paycut to play in Australia.

SI: How good isthe brand of basketball in the NBL?

Price: Probablyabove the major college level.

SI: How popular isbasketball in Australia?

Price: The mostpopular sports are Australian rules football and cricket. Basketball wouldprobably follow. More young kids play basketball over there than any sport,particularly with guys like Andrew Bogut making a splash in the States.

SI: You hold theNBA's career free throw mark (90.4%). It must kill you to see players brickfree throws.

Price: It'sfrustrating to watch guys miss free throws so often. My dad was a coach, andthat was one of his pet peeves. And I didn't want my dad to yell at me.

SI: Have you seenan Aussie rules football game?

Price: I waswatching a lot of it when I was over there. But they call it footy. You gottaget your lingo right.

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