Milton Bradley

April 03, 2006
April 03, 2006

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April 3, 2006

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Milton Bradley

Having worn outhis welcome in Montreal, Cleveland and Los Angeles, the combustible buttalented Bradley landed with the A's, who traded for the outfielder thiswinter. Still only 27 and three years removed from a promising season in whichhe hit .321 with a .421 on-base percentage, he remains a riddle of oftenunbridled emotion and vast, unrealized potential.

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On his first dayin camp Bradley refused to speak with reporters, and when asked when such apolicy might change, the outfielder declared, "Never." Bradley, due $3million this year, relented days later at the club's urging, but when someoneasked if leaving L.A. for Oakland meant a new beginning for him, he replied,"Next question."

The next questionfor the oft-injured Bradley is whether he can stay healthy and out oftrouble.